Olivia Wilde Apparently Celebrates Her Big Custody Win Over Jason Sudeikis


Despite her recent troubles, Olivia Wilde seemed to show nothing but joy in a recent story shared on Instagram (via the Daily Mail). In the shot, the actress was all smiles and had one arm raised in the air as if she had finally freed herself from the chains that imprisoned her, while the other gently squeezed a tiny hand, presumably belonging to one of her children. . While we can’t be sure if the little hand belongs to her 8-year-old son Otis or her 5-year-old daughter Daisy, we’re sure they’re smitten with her mom’s joy. Fans certainly were, taking to social media to sing the star’s praises. “I will never see myself as Olivia Wilde and I consider this to be the great tragedy of my life.,” an user delirious

A tracking shot shared by Wilde showed a tasty-looking drink adorned with a smiley face that the actor enjoyed with an unknown companion. If the “Tron: Legacy” actress takes a moment to celebrate her big custody win over Jason Sudeikis, we’ll drink to it.

Hopefully this marks the beginning of a less tumultuous period in the actor’s life, but that’s not for sure. According to court documents obtained by the Daily Mail, Wilde intends to move to London with the couple’s children in the near future, and we think that could lead to more drama.


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