Olivia Wilde Now Says Florence Pugh Was Right About Intimate Scenes With Harry Styles

Don't Worry Honey: Olivia Wilde Now Says Florence Pugh Was Right About Intimate Scenes With Harry Styles

Don’t Worry Honey: Olivia Wilde Now Says Florence Pugh Was Right About Intimate Scenes With Harry Styles

In a matter of days, Don’t worry honey (31%) went from being one of the most anticipated releases of the year to becoming a critical disaster, and now a movie forgotten by viewers. Although its opening weekend was a good one, especially for Harry Styles fans, the story is still trying to establish itself on the billboard. Florence Pugh went on to promote a new project set to premiere on Netflix, while Olivia Wilde spent a lot of time trying to get things back on track. In a move that feels quite strange at this point, the director once again spoke about the film and agreed with the protagonist’s position on the sex scenes.

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Florence Pugh is one of the most valued and respected actresses in the industry, and her alliance with Olivia Wilde seemed destined for greatness, especially given the good reception of La noche de las nerds (100%) and the feminist stance that the director sought to address with the story. Rumors about disagreements and lawsuits between the two women began while the film was still being filmed, but they gained momentum weeks after its release. The clearest point for the public were the comments made by the actress about the intimate scenes with Harry Styleswhich although they did not name the director seemed like a direct attack.

For months, Olivia Wilde promoted Do not worry honey as a story that would focus on female pleasure and that would have sex scenes with a feminist perspective that is not seen so much in the cinema. In this way, and largely due to Styles’ fame, the film generated a lot of interest and very specific expectations about these moments. Before its premiere at the Venice Film Festival, an interview was published where Pugh criticized the fact that the entire perception of the film was focused on the sex scenes. With this and the fact that the protagonist decided not to publicize the film as much as her other projects, the public armed all the discord between the two.

Things got worse with the premiere. Besides that Do not worry honey it is really a story that we have seen before without novel or particularly interesting proposals, the so-called sex scenes are a disaster. On the one hand, visually they do not offer anything different from others, and on the other hand, at a narrative level, they cannot be considered really feminist either, taking into account the misogynistic and abusive context in which they take place, something that did not go unnoticed by the viewers. specialists and the public that was not enchanted by the presence of Harry Styles.

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Olivia Wilde now he says it’s a shame that all the advertising for Do not worry honey will focus on sex and that Florence Pugh he was absolutely right about his stance on the matter. In interview with Elle Magazinethe director explained her disappointment at the way the public approached the film:

[El presunto drama detrás de cámaras] he boiled it down to small bites for TikTok. This movie is trying to ask big questions, but it was like, ‘Let’s focus on this sideshow here.’

It’s interesting because Florence very wisely pointed out that a lot of attention has been paid to the sex scenes. And I think she is quite right. I totally agree with her that it’s overshadowing everything else the movie is about, which is very ironic because one of the uses of sex in Victory is as a distraction tool.

When Florence pointed out that this movie is so much bigger and more important than just the sex scenes, I was so glad she said that because I feel the same way.

At the interview, Olivia Wilde She also took the opportunity to say that her fame has accustomed her to gossip about her person and her intimate life, but that it seems to her an important reflection that the media insist on putting one woman against another, and that they do not give her the benefit of doubt as has been given to other male directors in Hollywood. Florence Pugh received good reviews for his work in Do not worry honeyand many highlight some of the visual techniques Wilde uses, but overall the film was not as interesting or engaging to audiences as the rumors surrounding its release.

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