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It has been a year and a half since the stable couple formed by the actors Olivia Wilde (Thirteen in the series House) and Jason Sudeikis (star of portlandia Y ted lasso) decided to go their separate ways. For almost a decade, they were one of the most recognized and stable in Hollywood: they started dating in November 2011, they got engaged in 2013 – they never married – and they have two children together, Otis Alexander and Daisy Josephine. However, at the end of 2020 they announced their separation and just a few weeks later Wilde’s new relationship was revealed: she was dating singer Harry Styles. However, now a new step in the script of their separation has taken an unexpected turn and has become the subject of the cover of the American media. A bizarre moment to which none of the protagonists manages to give a clear explanation.

It all started Tuesday night when Wilde, 38, took the stage at Caesars Palace’s in Las Vegas (Nevada, USA) during a film event called CinemaCon. In it he presented the film Don’t Worry Darlingthe second he directs after super nerds, and which is starring herself and also Florence Pugh, Chris Pine and Styles, her current partner and whom she met on the set. Dressed in a dark blue suit and before the assembled audience, Wilde was just starting to talk about her film, set in the 1950s and due out next fall, when a woman approached the stage.

The woman handed Wilde a large, brown envelope on which was written: “Personal and Confidential.” “Is this for me?” she answered with some surprise, commenting that it was “very mysterious”. All this in full presentation, as eyewitnesses have stated in various media, who believed that it was a script. After an “Okay, thanks, I got it,” the actress-director opened it, looked at it, and went ahead with her introduction, showing a trailer for the movie and explaining details about it. Without batting an eye. The story could end there. However, the media specialized in cinema dead line has revealed that the envelope contained a series of court documents related to the custody agreement of his two children sent by the legal team of his ex-partner, Sudeikis.

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis at an award show in Santa Monica, California on January 12, 2020.
Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis at an award show in Santa Monica, California on January 12, 2020.DANNY MOLOSHOK (Reuters)

None of the representatives of both have wanted to explain anything about the matter, although sources close to the actor have explained both to Variety like People that Sudeikis “had no advance knowledge” that Wilde would be given the documents in full presentation or of the “time or place where the envelope was to be delivered.” “That depended only on the delivery company involved, and he would never approve of a delivery being made in such an inappropriate way,” they have said about those documents, which “seeked to establish jurisdiction over the children of Wilde and Sudeikis,” they say. those sources. On the other hand, a lawyer specializing in family matters who has spoken with the magazine People He has assured that it is “highly unlikely” that Sudeikis did not know the details of how that delivery of legal documentation to Wilde was going to be carried out. “If you’re going to go so far as to do it publicly, in a way that embarrasses the other, I can’t understand why the customer doesn’t know. As a lawyer, you are obligated to share most of the things that you do with your client.”

This sabotage, unexpected or calculated, has also affected the organization of the festival. Wilde was talking about her film to an audience of more than 4,100 people from the film industry, who applauded her after a trailer presentation that she presented naturally after receiving the parts from her. According to dead line, everyone who accesses the room and who does not belong to the world of cinema (actors, producers, exhibitors…) must acquire a specific ticket with a badge; therefore, the woman who gave him the envelope should be identified when he bought it.

The director of the film event has assured that “never, in the history of the convention” has something like this happened to them, “an incident where a delegate has approached the stage without being authorized”. “In light of the incident, we are re-evaluating the security processes for all those who come,” he explained.

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