Olivia Wilde says appearing in bad movies taught her how to direct

Nothing falls better on an actor or director than the humility of recognizing that not everything they do is good. It’s rare for someone to say they’ve done bad jobs, but with a positive twist Olivia Wilde explains that appearing in movies that went wrong is something that helped her understand what she wanted to avoid when she eventually got her place behind the camera and at the head of a production.

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In a question and answer session with Maggie Gyllenhaal, Olivia Wilde She explained that being a part of very bad movies is what shaped her as a director and how she learned what she wanted and not to do when she had the opportunity to make films herself. These were her words about the worst opportunities of her career:

I’ve been in a lot of really bad movies, and now I think I made them to learn all the morals that would help define me as a director: how I’ll never talk to a crew, how I’ll never talk to actors, how I’ll never schedule a calendar. All of that comes from those bad experiences.

Wilde surprised with his debut as a filmmaker with the comedy La noche de las nerds – 100% and is in charge of one of the most anticipated films of the year Don’t Worry Darling. Even as an actress, she was surprised, for example, by how much the final result of a project depends on the cast. She had this to say about directing performers and seeing them bring to life the story she had in mind:

Love the fact that depending on who your cast is, it’s a completely different movie. I know what the movie is, but until the actors start performing I don’t really know what’s going to happen because completely changing the energy and chemistry between them on their part is going to change everything.

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His most recent film is a psychological thriller starring Florence Pugh and Harry Styles. The film is the story of a housewife who seems to have an ideal life with her husband, but the disturbing secrets about him end up surprising her in the worst way. The production has faced a couple of problems due to alleged conflicts between the lead and Shia LaBeouf, who originally had the co-star.

This only makes his comments about the importance of the cast and how it is that the actors are the ones who bring the story to life a little ironic. Don’t Worry Darling It will be released at the end of September. It is unknown how much promotion it will receive, but it is a fact that the film will hit theaters. And it remains to wait to see if the public gives it the go-ahead once it is on the billboard.

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