Olympic abdominals in a few weeks with this exercise

    Do you know any gymnast with a belly or without muscle definition? Us neither. And it is that, with its mixture of functional muscle and flexibility, gymnasts realized long ago that, although the abs are developed in the kitchen, they are chiseled on the bars. The swing-through is performed on parallel bars, a perfect addition to your home gym’s arsenal. Although it is a gymnastic movement for beginners, it gives elite results. “The key is to start with momentum,” says calisthenics expert James Greenwood. “Jump your feet forward, then focus on engaging your core.” (The 25 Best Core Exercises for Your Abs.)

    Once you’ve perfected the movement pattern, slow down each phase to test your abs. Try to complete a repetition of more than 3 seconds. Do three sets of 15 reps of this core finisher three times a week. Greenwood believes that you will start to see the benefits in a fortnight. It’s worth a try.

    Guide to Olympic abs with a single exercise

    FIRM GRIP In pushup position, grab the parallel bars. The shoulders should be connected, to hollow out the chest, and aligned over the hands. Get ready to push off your toes.

    SHORT LEGS Slightly bend your knees and jump forward, engaging your core to bring your legs in toward your chest, ending up in an almost fetal position.

    L-SIT Take advantage of the initial impulse. Rotate your legs to bring your body into the L-sit position. Resist the urge to drop your feet. This is where the experts slow down the movement.

    FORM A STRAIGHT LINE Stretch your legs forward. When her feet hit the ground, she pushes through her hips and squeezes her buttocks. Once your core has stabilized, reverse the movement.





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