Omar Bravo, the legend of Chivas who dared to wear the colors of the Atlas

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO - OCTOBER 04: Omar Bravo convertedó  in the top scorer for Chivas de Guadalajara by surpassing Salvador Reyes with 123 goals (Photo: Héctor Vivas/LatinContent via Getty Images)

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO – OCTOBER 04: Omar Bravo became the top scorer for Chivas de Guadalajara by surpassing Salvador Reyes with 123 goals (Photo: Héctor Vivas/LatinContent via Getty Images)

Omar Bravo did the unimaginable: become legend with Chivas from Guadalajara and also play for the bitter rival, Atlas Foxes. the mexican striker defended both shirts without any fuss, like don Juan for his house. The athletic fans reproached his past and despite that, won over some members of La Fiel with their performances.

The arrival of Bravo to the Jalisco Stadiumto play as a fox, was complicated at first, since in previous years there was provoked the fans of The Academy. Joel Shark Sanchez and Omar they kissed the Chivas shield when they scored a goal in a match between the red and blacks and the red and whites. The sin did not stop there, but they did it before the stands of Atlas.

El Mocho, as his companions called him, was received as a brand new reinforcement. On the contrary, he came in the role of enemy. Carlos Martin del Camposports director of Atlas, was threatened for closing the signing that would save them from falling to a second division: “If we go to the descent, you go to the pantheon”read some banners that the same Atlas supporters hung on the outskirts of Colomos, where the first team trained.

It must be clarified, for red and black fans there is no other more important game and bigger rivalry than the one that his team maintains against the Flock. When both squads meet, the Pearl of the West is paralyzed. The Classic Tapatio it still has that attraction, one that offers a city to be separated thanks to ninety minutes of soccer. On the one hand, fans of most popular team in mexicoon the other, a humble team that barely adds a couple of championships in seventy years. Disparity of glories.

The path of Omar Bravo

Omarcito debuted with Chivas in 2001. In the locker room footballers of the stature of Ramon Ramirez, Ramoncito Morales, Manuel Sol, Carlos Hermosillo, and Oswaldo Sanchez they sheltered him After seven years at the institution, with just under a hundred goals and a league championshiptried his luck at Europewell the Deportivo La Coruna of the Spanish League opted for an attacker who had a goal and experience, Omar Bravo He had shown that he had both.

The mochiteco only moved the nets three times during a tournament with sportso the Tigers of the Autonomous University of Nuevo León they repatriated him and he arrived as loan for the Clausura 2009. With the royals he could not show his talent and left in zeros. The squad that saw him debut hired him for two more seasons. In the campaigns from 2009 to 2011, Bravo made 10 touchdowns. His goalscoring quota threatened the record for savior kings, top scorer of the Champion, until then.

after problems with Jorge Vergara, owner of Chivas, the Cruz Azul machine decided to give him another chance in 2012where at the end of his experience with the Celestes, he himself accepted that he failed by only scoring seven goals: “Expectations were high. By not meeting those expectations, I personally consider it a failure.

Omar Bravo playedó  in Cruz Azul and scoredó  seven goals during 2012 (Photo: Edgar Negrete/ via Getty Images)

Omar Bravo played for Cruz Azul and scored seven goals during 2012 (Photo: Edgar Negrete/ via Getty Images)

Atlas and the descent

In 2012the Atlas Red and Black they would fight for non-relegation. The athletics directive closed the loan from Omar Bravoa player with honors and an important journey, but who had been top scorer with Chivas de Guadalajaraas well as a reference for the rojiblanco team.

The foxes locker room hugged the battering ram with a Chivista past: “Omar is playing it. He was in Cruz Azul and is coming to fight for relegation here. It is a very big commitment. I ask the fans to understand. We have to be united to pull this off,” he said. Matias Vooso, Atlas striker at the time.

The Bar 51 of Atlas did not forgive the hiring of Omar Bravo. To the degree of preferring a lower category: “Even if he scores goals, we don’t want him. We do not forget that in the past he made fun of the fans. I prefer to descend to owe something to Omar Bravo”, assured a fan for Record. Despite the hostile climate, Bravo reached 14 goals in two tournamentsa situation that helped the team save itself from relegation.

In a third stage, the Sinaloan agreed to play for the herd in 2014. Two tournaments were enough for him to reach and beat girl Kings. The August 12, 2015in a match of the Matchday 4 of the Opening Tournament, Omar Bravo scored a brace against Monarcas Morelia. With 123 goals Bravo surpassed Reyes and became the maximum network breaker of the Guadalajara complex.

Bravo Tordecillas defended the shirts with one of the most marked rivalries in Mexico. With Chivas set a milestonewas the top scorer for the rojiblancos with 145 annotations in all types of competitions and matches. Furthermore, with the Atlas Foxes collaborated so that the squad remained in first division.


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