Omar Sy cash on the far right in the 2nd round: “You can imagine my concern”

Prestigious guest of the Cannes Film Festival, Omar Sy attended the premiere of the film “Skirmishers” at the Cannes Film Festival. The opportunity to discuss the score of the far right in the second round of the presidential election, in the columns of the Parisian this Friday, May 20.

A duty of memory necessary. In the shoes of Bakary, a Senegalese farmer, Omar Sy recounts the story of the Senegalese skirmishers at the cinema in the film by Mathieu Vadepied. A poignant work, presented in preview at the 75th edition of the Cannes Film Festival, Thursday May 19: My connection to the film changed because I changed as an actorentrusts the actor in the columns of Parisian, this Friday, May 20. Cash on the results of the far right in the second round of the presidential election, the husband of Hélène Sy also reveals his fears: “You can imagine what I can think of it, my concern. A film like this is my contribution to stand up against all that and try to set another course“, he continues.

Given the current context, Omar Sy believes that it is necessary to telling the past is important“. And this, with the aim “to build something more peaceful in the future”. But Alhadji’s dad, Tidiane, Selly Sy makes an edifying observation: What is certain is that it is not told muchhe remarks about the story of the skirmishers. “We all have the same story, but not the same memory”.

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Omar Sy: “my relationship as a son changes with my father”

Father on the big screen and in everyday life, Fred’s sidekick feeds on his characters: “Every time I play a father, my relationship changes with my children. And my relationship as a son changes with my father. It helps me because I have experiences through my characters that I haven’t had in my own life.” reveals the artist.“It always stirs two or three little things”.

Photo credits: Dominique Jacovides

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