Omicron 2 infection alarm, here is who is most at risk of severe disease

In Italy the virus has started to run again. Yesterday, Tuesday 22 March, in the bulletin of the Ministry of Health the new cases in the 24 hours have returned to almost 100 thousand, driven by the sub-variant Omicron 2. Increasingly present in our country and very contagious, with a R0 close to 18, like that of measles.

Hospitalizations have started to rise again, but to understand the impact of this new surge in infections on hospitalizations it will be necessary to wait about ten days. Claudio Mastroiannipresident of the Italian Society of Infectious and Tropical Diseases (Simit), raises the alarm: Here is who is at risk of severe disease. Let’s go into detail.

Omicron 2 alarm, who risks severe disease

In Italy the infections continue to rise driven by the Omicron sub-variant 2, whose contagiousness is equivalent to that of measles. In an interview with Adnkronos Salute, Claudio Mastroiannipresident of the Italian Society of Infectious and Tropical Diseases (Simit) and full professor of Infectious Diseases at the Sapienza University of Rome, raised the alarm: “The Omicron 2 variant, BA.2, has taken over Omicron. And now we see only this in the new infected. Those who are not vaccinated can risk a severe clinical picture and even end up in intensive care. While those who are immunized have no major consequences“.

In short, as the expert reports those who are not immunized could risk severe Covid even with Omicron 2. “The high rate of reinfections – continues Mastroianni – that we are recording with Omicron 2, even in those who are immunized with three doses leads us to think that the immune response is lower than in Delta. But the booster must be done because it is the only tool that puts us in safety from severe disease“.

Regarding the growth of infections, Mastroianni adds: “There is but for now the situation is controllable and there is not a lot of pressure on hospitals. However it is necessary to wait 1-2 weeks to understand the impact of this increase in infections. A path reorganization plan will have to be put into practice, because the new post-pandemic phase provides for coexistence with the virus that must be managed in the best possible way.“.

Omicron 2, vaccines and masks indoors

To face the new resurgence of the epidemicMastroianni invites you to rely on vaccineswhich must be increased, because they are the extra weapon we have“. Not only. The infectious disease specialists they make it known that they are contrary to any measure removes the obligation to wear a mask indoors. “The protective device – concludes Mastroianni – it should be kept indoors, at least until the summer. We must be very clear on this, it is essential to remain very cautious. And therefore also the mask, in outdoor gatherings“.

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