Omicron 2 predominant, increases risk of resuming Covid. What to know about reinfections

In the last week the percentage of reinfections on the total number of Covid cases reported in Italy is equal to 4.4%, up compared to the previous week in which the percentage was 4.1%. The extended report of the Higher Institute of Health, which integrates the weekly monitoring. The analysis starting from last December 6 (date considered to be the reference for the start of the diffusion of the Omicron variant), highlights a increased risk of reinfection.

Covid: how long and since when have you been contagious with Omicron 1 and 2

Covid incubation times
Covid incubation times

The most affected band

The report highlights a increased risk adjusted relative of reinfections “in the younger groups, 12-49 years) compared to people with the first diagnosis between the ages of 50-59. Probably – explain the experts – the greater risk of reinfection in the younger age groups is attributable to behaviors and exposures at greater risk than the over 60 age groups “.

The data

From the beginning of the epidemic “3,515,940 cases were diagnosed in the population aged 0-19, of which 17,037 hospitalized, 380 hospitalized in intensive care and 53 dead”. The percentage of cases reported in the school age population (21%) compared to the rest of the population decreased this week. In the last week, 17% of school-age cases were diagnosed in children under 5, 43% in the age group 5-11, 39% in the age group 12-19. The incidence rate is decreasing in all age groups. The hospitalization rate is stable in all age groups except for the group (5 years in which it is down compared to the previous week, although the data referring to the last week are to be considered in the process of consolidation.

Diffusion variants

In Italy on April 4th the Omicron variant had an estimated prevalence of 100%, with the BA.2 sub-variant predominant and the presence of some cases of ‘recombinant’ variant of Omicron itself. These are the results ofrapid survey conducted by the ISS and the Ministry of Health together with the regional laboratories and the Bruno Kessler Foundation. These are the estimated prevalences: BA.1 11.8% (range: 0% -34.5%); BA.2 86.6% (range: 46.5% -100%); BA.3 0.2% (range: 0% -1.2%); XJ 0.5% (range: 0% -11.6%); XL 0.9% (range: 0% – 20.9%).

The warning

Massimo Galli’s warning arrived today on Omicron and its sub-variants. “Beware that even those who have had a rather mild infection can go to meet the long Covid. Several cases are reported in the literature. My recommendation is do not consider this infection lightly, ‘as if it were an extra vaccination’. This statement is nonsense. If you can avoid taking it, it’s better “, the former director of Infectious Diseases at the Sacco hospital in Milan told Adnkronos Salute.” Omicron 1 is now also residual – explained the specialist, referring to the data of the rapid ISS survey – , practically only Omicron 2 is circulating“.

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