«Omicron variant grown in Veneto»: laboratory analysis to understand how it reacts to vaccines and natural antibodies. New case: it is in Padua

Omicron variant in Veneto: «Negg case in Padua on a 77-year-old city resident patient, already treated with monoclonal therapy, ”he announced Luca Zaia, presenting the host of today’s live broadcast, the doctor Antonia Ricci, director of the Zooprophylactic Institute of the Venezie, who spoke about the sequencing of the Omicron variant in Veneto, and «of the decision of “cultivate the variant“to subject you to vaccines”.

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New case of Omicron variant in Veneto

“A second case Omicron variant was discovered in Veneto and it is an absolutely manageable case as the CEO of the Dal Ben Hospital told me », said Zaia. The woman is in home isolation, monitored by the hospital’s health staff.

Two different variants in the same family

Sequencing is being carried out on the Omicron variant in the positive Vicenza patient after a trip to Africa. “We also looked at the tampons of his wife and one of the two children, the male, older, who tested positive. but not to the Omicron variant but to the Delta, therefore different from that of the father – explained Dr. Ricci -. The data is not strange: his wife and son had some symptoms before the man returned from Africa, so they had been infected previously. Analyzes are underway on the youngest daughter, who is also positive for Covid. They are all fine and with very mild symptoms, this confirms that the Omicron cases to date are mild cases ».

The study of South African doctors on the Omicron variant

What do we know about the Omicron variant? Dr. Ricci still talks about it: «After a first infection, the Omicron variant presented – in simulation with a mathematical model – a higher probability of reinfection. The study is by African doctors – explained the director – it is a mathematical model that comes from quite limited case study. But these are not vaccination failures, because the vaccination rate in South Africa is very low. It’s okay to keep it under control but we need a lot more information on how it will behave this variant in our countries, where the level of vaccination and health conditions are very different from those in Africa. We could have a reduction in the effectiveness of vaccines in percentage terms, but as already seen with the Delta and the Alpha, but with a level of protection that remains good but not exceptional, in addition with a 90% probability of not ending up in intensive care or die. The buster dose, the third dose, is important because after 5 months from the second dose the effectiveness of the vaccine is reduced, especially in the face of these variants, to reactivate our immune system ».

The warning

“Pay attention to flights and means of transport: when we find ourselves in situations of crowding, a mask is mandatory, I recommend an FP2 that protects very well, and for those who travel, the rules must be respected,” recalled Dr. Ricci.

Omicron variant “cultivated” in Veneto

The Experimental Zooprophylactic Institute of Venice (Izsve) will launch an experimental study on the samples collected in the region of the Omicron variant, to calculate the reaction and possible resistance to vaccines. “We are trying to isolate it, making it grow in the laboratory, to test it with different sera, to understand how much vaccines and natural antibodies can be effective against this variant – said Dr. Ricci -. We will evaluate how this variant behaves. These are very long studies, at least a month or two to have solid results ».

“We will define the experimental study – said Ricci – using sera from vaccinated or naturally infected people, at different times, to cover various possibilities. We expect to see a decline in the effectiveness of the serum against the virus, to calculate which dilution is not effective. This will give us an idea of ​​the amount of antibodies needed to neutralize the variant. We do not expect there to be no vaccine coverage, because the virus is always the same, ”he concluded.

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