On blu-ray A quiet place II, sequel to the horror hit


Released in Italian cinemas in June 2021, it is available in blu-ray under the Paramount brand – in collaboration with Koch Media – A quiet place II. As the title suggests, the sequel to the success A quiet place – A quiet place, signed by John Krasinski here again at the helm of direction. Sequel whose opening seems to wink, in a certain sense, to American monster movies of the 1950s and to kaiju eiga (Japanese monster movies).

Spectacularly showing us the way in which the world was reduced to the desolate rural agglomeration that served as the backdrop for the first film.

Scenography in which we found none other than Krasinski himself and his wife (also in life) Emily Blunt. Couple engaged with their children to express themselves almost exclusively through gestures to avoid a monstrous bloody presence capable of identifying them only through sounds and noises. And, with offspring in tow, it is the Blunt who returns to fight for survival in A quiet place II. Discovering, however, that the dangerous creatures he had (mo) become acquainted with are not the only threats lurking beyond the sand path.


As, compared to the previous feature film, we see them framed much more often in all their splendid and frightening physicality. Because it is clear that this continuation tends to evolve from the tense construction of mystery at the base of the progenitor. To favor, on the contrary, moments of action in horror sauce, complete with fearful situations in interiors clearly referring to the saga of Alien. Testifying a stylistic and narrative choice that undoubtedly benefits the entertainment much desired by the popcorn movie audience.

While not only are Cillian Murphy and Djimon Hounsou added to the cast, but the allegorical aspect is not missing either.

In what A quiet place II intends to be a reflection on the inevitable fear of watching one’s children venture into a society that is anything but quiet. A Platinum Dunes production of Michael Bay, in this case moreover accompanied by various special contents. Six minutes on the evolution of the character of little Regan alias Millicent Simmonds to almost four behind the scenes. Not to mention the featurette Survive the port, nine minutes of the director’s diary and eight of a look at visual and sound effects.


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