On its way to RSEE Awards: Bad Bunny

Benito Martinez Ocasio, better known in the art world as Bad Bunny, has emerged as a global phenomenon that has changed the contemporary music landscape. With a unique sound, undeniable passion and abundant creativity, Bad Bunny has become an agent of change, an artist who breaks molds and creates trends with every move he makes.

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Bad Bunny discovered his love for music at an early age. At the age of five, she was already joining a church choir, which was the beginning of her spontaneous relationship with the power of melody and lyrical expression. His artistic career took an unexpected turn in 2016, when he began sharing his compositions on the SoundCloud platform under the pseudonym Bad Bunny. Thanks to this, he caught the attention of Noah Assad, the founder of Rimas Entertainment, who recognized a diamond in the rough in front of him.

The Puerto Rican went on a rampage with the release of his debut album, X100PRE, in December 2018. This work not only marked his entry into the international scene, but also established himself at number 11 on the Billboard 200 list. But it was only the beginning. With his collaboration ‘Creepy Kush’ with the likes of Farruko, Nicki Minaj, RVSian and 21 Savage, Bad Bunny entered the prestigious Hot 100 in January 2018 at number 75.

From there, Benito became a hit machine. from her album YHLQMDLGUntil The Last World Tour, became a jewel of the urban music scene playing throughout Latin America. not satisfied with that, his masterpiece a summer without you, stayed at the top of the chart for 13 weeks, establishing itself as the most successful album on the Billboard 200 in 2022 and catapulting the Puerto Rican to world stardom. This installment made history by being nominated in the Album of the Year category at the 2022 Grammy Awards, a milestone for Spanish music.

Without a doubt, Bad Bunny has shown that he is much more than a musician and the Rolling Stone Awards in Spanish have recognized his influence, including him in the list of nominees for the first edition of the event. Her influence and phenomenal aesthetic have left an indelible mark on the music industry, and it’s no wonder she’s been nominated for Artist of the Year.

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their successful work a summer without you Achieved unprecedented records as a Hispanic artist and for this reason it is also listed in the Album of the Year category. As if that wasn’t enough, four of her songs are nominated for Song of the Year and Videoclip of the Year. In the first category are ‘La Zampa’ and ‘Titi Me Pregunto’, while in the second are ‘Ojitos Lindos’ and ‘Where She Goes’.

Of course, Bad Bunny is much more than a performer. He is a cultural phenomenon, a musical visionary and a trailblazer who continues to leave his mark in urban music history and on the global stage. His creativity and determination have taken him to places only a few can dream of and reach. His unmistakable voice, his impressive rhythm and his visual brilliance have paved his way to immortality in music history.

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