On social media, the dispute between the Inter manager and Bonucci continues to be discussed: the background

Furia Bonucci: dispute and fine but no disqualification. The night of San Siro was totally to be forgotten for Leo and not only for the defeat of Juve with a few seconds left, with Sanchez’s goal that delivered the Super Cup to Inter. Indeed, the very frustrating epilogue it generated the unedifying sequel. The Juventus defender was on the sidelines, ready to enter the penalty shootout but there was no time, given that Alex Sandro’s blunder gave the Nerazzurri the victory and avoided the queue of shots from the spot. And it is at that moment, in the middle of the Inter party, that something happens: the cameras frame Bonucci for a few seconds face to face with a Nerazzurri manager, then the videos shot by the fans in the stands and posted on social media do the rest and help to understand what was not caught on the TV.

Bonucci loses his head at Sanchez's goal: shoves on the sidelines

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Bonucci loses his head at Sanchez’s goal: shoves on the sidelines

The reconstruction: this is what would have happened

Tension sky high: the Juventus center lashes out against the general secretary of Inter, Cristiano Mozzillo. The images captured by the smartphones show the quarrel and Leo pushing the opponent manager, with his finger pointing as if to say “this is not done”. According to the reconstructions of people close to Bonucci (or Juventus or Juventus fans), Bonucci would have reacted to a mockery of Mozzillo. “Come in now …” he would have said, celebrating the victory of his team. “Don’t exult in my face, what the f … are you doing?” it would have been the replica of the Juventus player, with a lot of thrust, in fact, to which Mozzillo replies with a “but what are you doing?”. From Inter instead they deny any teasing by their manager and it is pointed out that the delegate of the federal prosecutor has not noted any sentence of Mozzillo, neither disqualified nor fined. The fine imposed on Inter relates to an undue presence on the sidelines, not to anything else. The episode inflamed social media – with a deluge of posts between opposing sides, those who condemn Bonucci and those who acquit him – and, in addition to smartphones, it did not escape the eyes of the inspectors of the federal prosecutor, who sent a report to the sports judge .

"Bonucci never a Joya": social networks unleashed after Inter-Juve

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“Bonucci mai una Joya”: social networks unleashed after Inter-Juve

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