on the shirt and outside the breast. Madness, a student with a red stamp – Libero Quotidiano

Sometimes they come back. And this time to return in style and with the usual and very strong malice Justine Mattera. Yes, because the 51-year-old showgirl, divinely worn, gives all her followers on Instagram a last spectacular photo with a very high erotic rate. “I actually wouldn’t mind going back to school. For me, it was a safe place. I was a geek. I loved being the top of the class, “she writes accompanying the shot.

Stockings and transparent underwear, Justine Mattera at the dinner like this: you can see everything, photos beyond the censorship |  Look

And why would he want to go back to school? Quickly said: it shows in the photo with the “typical” look of a schoolgirl. Obviously we joke. Sure, the red bag and the glasses make her a schoolgirl, but a red stamp. In fact, in addition to the crotch jeans shorts, Justine Mattera sports a tight-fitting striped T-shirt, but above all “strategically” raised to show off her bare breasts. Uncontainable …

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