“One day I will talk about lost mental health in Medicine”

University studies always require a lot of effort from the students. Many hours of study and dedication to training that involves giving up to many other personal things and that some end up recognizing that, after not getting the deserved recognition in the workplace, it has not been worth it.

Medical students do not escape this fact. Although it is a career that has a vocational component, the truth is that training in this branch of Health Sciences requires a strong commitment and there are even those who believe that it affects their “mental health”.

Ana, a young woman from Zaragoza who is preparing for the MIR 2023, has spoken on her social networks about the sacrifice of studying Medicine: “One day I would like to talk about all the mental health that I have lost during my medical degree because Sometimes I reflect on it and It’s amazing what I’ve sacrificed to be where I am Today”.

“I have little motivation left”

The reactions have not been long in coming and, in the open debate on social networks, fellow students affirm that although they like what they study “many times I wonder at what cost I do it…”. In addition, they point out that there is a “romanticization” about these studies college students

“The mental health of those of us who dedicate ourselves to Health is almost a taboo,” says a pediatrician in response to Ana’s message, which sadly concludes: “I am very sorry for the enthusiasm with which I entered the race and the little motivation I have left today the truth”.

In general, most of the comments insist that everything that happens is allowed “in the name of vocation” which, apparently, is a trend that is repeated in several countries. Likewise, they have warned him that he still has a long way to go, with the losses that this implies. The health workers have been insisting for some time that their days and their sacrifices are not doing their mental health any good.

In fact, according to one study, the doctors have a higher than average suicide rate, especially in the case of women. These mental disorders have increased as a result of covid and the great involvement of health professionals during the pandemic.

Some of them have dared to raise their voices and speak openly about the dangers they run on a psychological level and how important it is that, despite the fact that it is a profession focused on care, they focus on themselves and allow themselves to ask for help.

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