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Researchers have found a correlation between cancer and nutrition, it seems that fructose prolongs the life of the disease. Here because.

fructose against cancer
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The cancer it is a leading cause of death worldwide. This makes it also one of the most studied diseases. A study published in the journal “Nature“, Revealed that corn syrup, a popular food especially in the West, could cause cancer. Corn syrup is a widely used sweetener in the food industry due to its low cost, and can be found in common and widely consumed foods such as sodas, juices, cookies, jams and ice cream.

Its risk is directly linked to its high content of fructose. Large amounts of sweeteners extend the life span of cancer cells. A research conducted by the researchers of the Baylor College of Medicineusing mainly rodents, showed that large amounts of sweeteners, found in both table sugar and corn syrup, accelerate the development of intestinal cancer by extending the lifespan of cancerous and normal cells in the animals’ intestines.

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How nutrition affects cancer: research on fructose

fruit juices are bad
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When the researchers gave the mice the sugary drink, their fat mass increased. To avoid this, they orally gave them a more moderate dose of sugar water (with 25% corn syrup). After two months of waiting, these rodents have developed larger tumors of those treated with normal water. This study therefore revealed a molecular mechanism by which fructose can increase tumor growth.

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However, this research does not argue that the same can happen in the development of human bowel cancer. There is a stage where cancer feeds on sugar, which is why many patients with this disease follow a ketogenic diet to deprive yourself of sugar and consume more protein and fat. But there is still a lot of research to be done and in fact the next step will be a study on humans.

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