One of his former bodyguards has revealed this

This is the personal life of the Beckham couple: one of their former bodyguards revealed itefe

David and Victoria Beckham They are one of the most admired and famous couples in the world.Therefore all details of his life, both public and private, are highly commented upon. There are many people who want to know more details about what marriage is like, about intimacy and what is true in the series ‘Beckhams’, which aired just a few weeks ago on Netflix.


craig ainsworthwho fought in Afghanistan before going into private security Working as a bodyguard for the Beckhams, he wanted to convey how David and Victoria are in private and how they treat their staff.

This is what David and Victoria Beckham are in their personal lives

In a statement to ‘The Mirror’, the man who was Beckham’s staffer in London between 2013 and 2015 confirmed that the Netflix series about the family honestly reflects the couple’s life. Just like he knew her.

In fact, according to Ainsworth, the picture is so believable that it even references the legendary moment in which Victoria claims her origins are from the working class, while David urges her to admit that this is completely true. was not.

Besides, It also reveals some aspects of the intimate and private life of the former family bodyguard Beckham, such as the fact that it is actually the former Spice Girl who rules the household.

“I think it’s the women who rule almost every home and they make us men believe that we call the shots half the time.”Craig confesses.

Ainsworth also explains what her relationship with her employers was like and how they both handle fame: “David and Victoria are very professional and they have so much security that to them we are like background noise, we are part of the furniture”begins by saying, however he highlights that “David was charming. Victoria kept to herself, whether she was with the children or working. Because of the fame he has gained, his children are well-behaved. “To get to that level of fame and maintain your family unit, you have to be doing something right,” says Craig Ainsworth, praising Beckham’s work as a parent.

Before ending his statement, he also praised his former boss.However, throughout his career he has also worked with other famous faces such as Amber Heard, Johnny Depp, Jennifer Lawrence and Arnold Schwarzenegger: “David is the English golden boy. “I don’t know of any celebrity who is so loved by the public,” says Craig. Craig says, explaining the admiration he feels for his former boss.

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