“One of the best prospects in world soccer who despised the country where his father was born”


A few days ago, the tournament organized by Concacaf to give tickets to the U-17 World Cup ended, where the United States and Mexico are the main protagonists, since they have talented soccer players who even appear on international stages, as in the case of striker Keyrol Figueroa, who plays in the lower categories of Liverpool.

An issue that was almost closed in Honduras, but which came back into force after Diario Mundo Deportivo from Spain placed in its headline: “Keyrol Figueroa, one of the best prospects in world soccer who despised the country where his father was born”, which returned to generate a lot of comments around that decision, mostly with disapproval.

In an interview for the official US Soccer channel, the Honduran soccer player spoke about his decision to represent the Stars and Stripes team instead of doing it where his father, former defender Maynor Figueroa, was considered a figure, in addition to serving as captain on several occasions.

But Keyrol prevails over criticism. “I am happy to be in this team because I would not be happy to play against this team, to be honest. I believe in each one of them, each player that our coaches bring in is a talent, a different talent, a different piece of the puzzle. I couldn’t be more proud. I am happy to be on his side”, commented Keyrol.

Although in Honduras he hopes that he will be able to represent them when he is older, Figueroa seems to have made it clear that he does not plan to carry on the family legacy of being with the catrachos, as his father did at the time.

“Fenafuth continues to maintain a close relationship with the man who was captain of the Honduran National Team in the last two World Cups we have attended. The best wishes are always for Keyrol to keep succeeding in his club (Liverpool of England). We trust that in the future he will decide to play for the Honduran National Team as his father did ”confessed Edwin Bánegas, director of Communications for the Honduran Football Federation, Fenafuth.

The striker, who recently scored with Liverpool, added seven goals in the Concacaf tournament, where although the ticket to the U-17 World Cup was obtained, the United States lost to Mexico in the final, but showed that its ceiling, unlike other players, it seems to be too high.

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