One of the best superhero and science fiction movies outside of DC and Marvel

The DC and Marvel universes never stop expanding with countless movies and television series that haven’t stopped introducing us to all kinds of superheroes and villains. However, more than a decade ago Chronicle was released a movie with its own superheroes and superpowers That he is completely detached from these worlds and has nothing to envy them.

This movie is available so that you can watch it whenever you want via streaming on Disney Plus. Its filming is somewhat unique because practically everything takes place from a first-person perspective Thanks to the video camera of the protagonist with which he records everything. This teenager, Andrew (Dane DeHaan), uses it to document what happens in his daily life, though not everyone views this favorably and considers him a freak.

So one day he, along with his cousin Matt (Alex Russell) and his friend Steve (Michael B. Jordan), enter a hole they found in the middle of the woods, where they will find a mysterious object that gives them the gift of life. some telekinetic superpowers, From there they will begin to experience the consequences of their new abilities and what they are capable of doing with them.

However, being so young, it doesn’t take long to use them for other purposes which are not very good, which over time Slowly their friendship will be affected, Thus, it goes on for a full hour and a half and it keeps you in suspense due to its good pace and the efficient way in which all the characters are developed, though the scenes are well shot as per the approach used.

Watch Chronicle in Streaming

You can also choose to rent if you do not have a subscription to this service history Buy it on Apple TV+, Rakuten TV or Google Play for €3.99 or direct for €9.99.

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