One of the best survival games comes to Xbox Game Pass by surprise

2023 has just begun, and we already have good news for Xbox Game Pass subscribers, both on PC and consoles. Remember that this year more than 50 games (many of them launch) will arrive at the Microsoft service.

Now we are waiting to receive the first batch of games from January 2023 on Game Pass, but Microsoft has already revealed one of them. Do you like survival games?

If the answer is affirmative, then you already have a title to say goodbye to your social life and have a great time in the last days of Christmas holidays.


Stranded Deep – Trailer – PC, PS4 and Xbox One

It is a game that is already a few years old (it was launched in 2015 for PC in early access), but the console versions arrived in 2020. And it is an ideal option for fans of the genre or lovers of movies like Castawayby Tom Hanks.

We are facing neither more nor less than Stranded Deep, a survival game developed by the Australian studio Team Beam Gameswhich now looks better than ever in the Microsoft ecosystem.

Will you survive in the Pacific Ocean?

Stranded Deep

we already have available the first new Game Pass game in 2023. This is Stranded Deep, a survival adventure that drinks directly from games like Rust or Green Hell. And all Game Pass subscribers can already play it at no additional cost.

Stranded Deep is a deep survival title that takes us to a deserted island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. After suffering a plane crash, we will be trapped in this hostile environment.

There is only one way of life in Stranded Deep: survive. For this we will have to satisfy our basic needs, with parameters of health, hunger, thirst or sleep. Come on, it will be time to hunt, fish and explore every corner of the island.

Stranded Deep

Of course, the creation of objects and bases is another fundamental pillar in Stranded Deep. Every castaway has his own shelter, although it may be attacked by animals or destroyed by inclement weather.

In the same way, in Stranded Deep other fearsome events await us, such as tropical storms or fearsome sharks. Do you have what it takes to measure yourself against a great white shark?

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To the delight of fans of Castaway (the mythical Tom Hanks film), Stranded Deep includes small Easter eggs from the film directed by Robert Zemeckis in the year 2000.

Stranded Deep is now available on xbox game pass (Xbox Series, One, Windows and cloud), and it is one of the great survival games of recent years. You can also play it on PS5 (backward compatibility), PS4, PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch.

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