OneOhtrix Point Never Journey Is Creepy

OneOhtrix Point Never, the electronic music project of Daniel Lopatin, which has established itself in the last decade with albums such as ‘Replica’ or ‘R Plus Seven’, is back. And after collaborating with The Weeknd on the Super Bowl and executive producing his album Don FM, we’ve got him back stronger than ever. It was inspired by a radio broadcast, as was the experimental artist record ‘Magic Oneohtrix Point Never’ before it.

On September 29, WARP will release a new album from Daniel Lopatin’s main project. It will be called ‘Again’ and the first song has just been released, which actually kicks off the project ‘A Barely Lit Path’. This is our song of the day in its entirety: a journey, suggestion and imagery over 6 minutes.

Oneohtrix’s new album Point Never has been described as “a fictional autobiography”. According to the press release it is “a collaboration between Lopatin’s current self and his younger self, a meditation on his musical identity during his youth from the perspective of middle age.”

‘A Barely Lit Path’, the piece with which ‘Again’ ends, is at times an orchestrated symphony, in this case directed and arranged by Robert Eames and performed by the NOMAD Ensemble, which in its classical moments melts into The experiment, first as a certain sadness, then as utter doom, erupts at various moments of the recording, corresponding to the short text we hear: “There’s nothing inside, just a slow and sinking goodbye, A dimly lit path, from your home to my homeā€¦ something that makes sense in the video clip that accompanies the launch.

Directed by Freka Tate from a script by Lopatin and Tate, it follows the harrowing story of a pair of anthropomorphic crash test dummies. Someone would say “crash test dummy”. The two mannequins appear trapped in a journey that will lead to nothing good, playing chess or trying to complete a puzzle… until they both realize their fateful fate, and decide to escape it. Will not try How not to recognize in humanity two hands that know how to hold each other?

tracklist again:
03. The Outside World
05. Locrian Midwest
06.Plastic Antique
07. Gray Subviolet
08.The Body Trail
09. Nightmare Paint
10. Music Memories
11. on one axis
12.Ubiquity Road
13. The Dark Path

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