Only 50% of Minecraft Bedrock Edition players have earned the ‘Take Inventory’ achievement

When players first enter a Minecraft survival world, they quickly gather resources and begin creating new items and blocks. At first, it’s just your hotbar filling up as you collect resources, but soon you need to open your inventory to access more blocks and items. This is when a new player playing for the first time will receive the “Taking Inventory” achievement.

This shows how easy it is to achieve this achievement. However, there are many players who have yet to complete this in Bedrock Edition.

Recently, a Redditor by the name ‘u/Educational-Bug-8369’ posted an image showing how only 50.84% ​​of the entire Bedrock Edition player base has managed to ‘Take Inventory’. It is absolutely strange to think about this, since it is the simplest of all. Even the original poster was quite surprised that only half of the players had done this.

Users React as 50% of Minecraft Player Base Earn ‘Taking Inventory’ Achievement

Since this was a rather fascinating post on the official Minecraft subreddit, it caught the attention of thousands of members. In half a day, the publication received more than two thousand upvotes and many comments. Redditors flocked to the post and explained why only 50% of players earned the achievement.

Some of the Redditors were quite accurate in explaining that many in the Bedrock Edition player base may not have played survival mode even once or must have used cheats in their worlds. Players do not earn any achievements or advancements if they play in a creative world or a survival world with cheats. The gameplay should be purely survival, with no cheats enabled.

Since creative mode is quite fun for most players, there is a high chance that some have not played Survival yet. Another Redditor suggested that players must also toggle the “keep inventory” option, which prevents them from getting the achievement.

There was another important reason why so many Bedrock Edition players don’t have this achievement. In recent years, Mojang has urged players to move their old Mojang accounts to Microsoft to keep them. As a gift for switching to Microsoft, Mojang promised that Java Edition players will receive a free copy of Bedrock Edition in their account.

This was pointed out by a Minecraft Redditor, where they mentioned that there might be many Java Edition players who must have Bedrock Edition but have never opened or played it. This could be the reason why the achievement percentage is so low.

It was fascinating to learn that even such a simple Minecraft achievement has only been achieved by half of the Bedrock Edition player base.

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