Only Murders in the Building Season 2: Casting news unveiled by Selena Gomez for the long-awaited next season!

This American series created and produced by Steve Martin and John Hoffman is broadcast on the streaming platform Disney+ since August 31, 2021. Featuring a very convincing trio composed of Selena Gomez, Steve Martin and Martin Shortthis comedy series is a great success!

Only Murders in the Building tells the story of three neighbors passionate about criminal investigations told in podcast, who decide to join forces to lift the veil on the mysterious murder of an inhabitant of the building.

Here are the first images available for the new unreleased season:

A survey of amateurs

It all starts when Tim Kono commits suicide in his apartment, our three acolytes see it as a golden opportunity to carry out the investigation in their own way.

Interviewing each neighbor in the format of a podcast, Charles, oliver and My beauty won’t leave anyone out: everyone is under suspicion! They will carry out meticulous work which will open the door to several secrets well buried by certain neighbors.

The series is made up of eight episodes which all represent a podcast episode, playing with voice-overs and a well-crafted narration, Only Murders in the Building makes us laugh out loud! With relentless suspense and high quality scenes, this series has not finished surprising us in occasionally breaking the fourth wall.

A suspenseful finale

Spoiler alert! The last episodes ofOnly Murders in the Building shows us that the three accomplices have solved the mystery and know who murdered Tim Kono. Only, by mingling with this investigation they are now suspect in another!
Indeed, in the last scenes of season 1 the janitor was killed, this same janitor who was trying to have our trio evicted. Here they are, therefore, the main suspects with a steel mobile and their presence near the dead body when the police arrive will not help their case!

This finale says a lot about the future season, we can expect the return of the trio who will try to defend themselves while investigating this new murder. My beauty risks being particularly worried because it is indeed the concierge’s blood that we find on her and indeed her knitting needle in the heart of the victim…

A season 2 on the program?

A season 2 has already been announced in February 2022 on the series’ Instagram account. Since a twitter post on the official account of the series dated March 25, 2022the images revealed to us that season 2 was releasing in the United States on June 28, 2022 ! Much earlier than expected, which instantly made fans react, all delighted with the news.
We can see the three heroes announce with humor the return of the series, showing a great complicity on the screen like that visible in the series.

An explosive new cast!

On his side, John Hoffman revealed during an interview with Queerty that our favorite trio will be present during the future season:

You will see why. You will see them again. They will come back. Season 2 will be bigger and better than ever…

We can also expect to see new faces in the cast! The talented cara Delevingne (Carnival Row, Valérian) as well as the comedian Amy Schumer (Crazy Amy, Feel Pretty) will be there and will join the building.
These new additions to the cast will add a little freshness and novelty to the future adventures of our three friends.

The shooting of this famous season 2 is finished and the production is in progress, with the help of Selena Gomezproducer alongside Steve Martin and John Hoffman. No French date has been revealed but we can expect a release for this summer 2022 or even a few days after the American release! Only three short months to wait before being able to laugh again in front of Only Murders in the Building !

On the set of “Only Murders in the Building” season 2. Great cast surprises that are no longer surprises. https://t.co/ee4cHyTsaV

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