OnlyFans channel opened by ‘The Sopranos’ star Drea Di Matteo

With a long career in the audiovisual sector and a career spanning over half a century, Dria Di Matteo has transformed his career. Born in 1972 in the Queens neighborhood and Italian-born actress, has gone through several successful series Like ‘The Sopranos’, ‘Sons of Anarchy’ or ‘Desperate Housewives’.

in 2004 Won an Emmy Award for the role of Adriana La Cerva, the fiancee of a gangster leader in an HBO production about a family of gangsters. Now he’s eyeing the series, announcing he’s moving to other channels: Di Matteo recently opened an account on the adult content platform OnlyFans under the name ‘The Sopornos’.

He had announced this in a ‘story’ on Instagram. there, the customer Pay a monthly fee to access intimate content from the stars, On some occasions it shows more personal aspects of his life. In others, specifically request spicy photos or videos. According to his publication, all that Di Matteo will do is sell T-shirts or other personal items.

The Sopranos actress has already uploaded four photos to her account. In them he promotes the goods sold in ‘The Sopornos’. with payment of 15 dollars (about 13.8 euros) per monthYou can bid on some of the costumes used in his series.

Apart from OnlyFans actress Will continue his activity in other social networks Like Instagram, where he also takes the opportunity to offer clothing items. Dria De Matteo has also appeared in films like operation swordfish (2001), remake of attack on district 13 (2005) or dark places (2015).

An occupation for some ‘celebrities’

Dria De Matteo’s Verdict It has not been the only one in this area, Other ‘celebrities’ such as Bella Thorne, Denise Richards, Cardi B, Tyga or Chris Brown have also chosen this business as another source of income. In fact, in recent years there has been a lot of discussion about OnlyFans and the controversies related to this platform.

OnlyFans is a website created in 2016, initially aimed at artists, ‘influencers’ or celebrities. Create more exclusive content for your fans to interact with with them more directly. All this, at a reasonable price for the users. However, it has gradually become a predominantly adult content venue, if not outright porn.

That changed in 2018, when the owner of MyFreeCams, a live sex website founded in 2002, bought a majority of the company. Since then, Most of the content generated on OnlyFans is erotic or sexual in nature. The situation raised concerns among investors and business-related banking institutions, more so with the huge increase in users during the pandemic.

There were also separate complaints in the media regarding the dissemination of allegedly illegal content, among which are: Advertisements of child abuse or prostitution. Thus, Tim Stokely, the creator of OnlyFans, announced in 2021 that explicit sexual content would be banned on the platform. After a wave of complaints from content creators and users, the company reformed and has remained so ever since, with over 100 million users worldwide.


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