OnlyFans model Demi Rose shows off her translucent dress that mesmerized millions

Demi Rose, one of the hottest models on OnlyFans, She shared some part of her vacation, which was appreciated by her fans

Through a few posts on Instagram, The British model shared a video in which she showed off her amazingly curvy figure wearing a light sheer leopard-print dress.

Demi Rose enjoying her holidays

Demi wrote in the video: “Welcome to the enchanting land of Cappadocia, a unique destination in Turkey that promises to take you on a journey through unreal landscapes.Ancient history and unforgettable experience. So of course I had to go see him!”

Through her stories, she shared pictures and videos of her long days at the beach and enjoying the popular Koza Cave Hotel, where she stayed with her best friend Ruby Kelly and from where she watched the famous hot air balloon show. Enjoyed it.

“Healthy, hydrated, I’m exercising every day, I feel balanced and I’m grateful. It’s good to be home!” Influential person wrote.

According to Daily Mail, Rose works on her figure by exercising hard, which is the main reason for her worldwide fame. Which includes working on the hips, doing squats and jumping, while alternating it with a balanced diet rich in fish, vegetables and nuts.

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