OnlyFans: what it is, 10 tips, gains and risks


From the quarantine period onwards, the social network known as OnlyFans, especially since it represented a few days ago the return to the web of Belle Delphine. Although many believe it was born this year (or at most last year), in reality the foundation dates back to 2016.

It was launched by the company Fenix ​​International Limited as a website for artists to allow their followers to subscribe for a monthly fee to view clips and photos reserved exclusively for subscribing or paying fans (taking his name literally).

Not surprisingly, in fact, the logo represents a padlock, just to highlight the limitation of the contents in the system known as PPV (pay-per-view).

As of May 2020, the site counts 30 million registered users and said he paid well 700 million dollars to his 450,000 content creators.

How do you make money?

Perhaps the most important question of all: how much are the earnings? Trivially, depends. Let’s start with the conditions of OnlyFans, which they claim to retain only 20% of subscriptions of each member. In fact, the platform itself also allows you to pay just a few posts and not necessarily the entire profile, or even exclusive messages for interested fans (as explained later).

The ultimate goal of the site is not only to create fans, but also a specific category of these called superfan. The idea behind it is as simple as it is brilliant, and it can easily be compared to YouTube: in fact, the views on the tube will not necessarily be equal to the number of subscribers of a profile, therefore, in fact, the active followers are a number. decidedly less than the actual ones.


On OnlyFans instead he allows himself to have gods loyal, that is, people who come to have a “bond” with their content creator, as well as being trivially subscribers.

10 things to do when writing to OnlyFans

Based on the homonymous blog dedicated to social media, we read that there is a real one Decalogue for the perfect subscriber on OnlyFans, which reads:

  1. Set the right subscription price: We recommend a monthly subscription budget between $ 9.99 and $ 15.99 to incentivize fans to buy with an expense that is neither too expensive nor fruitless for the profile;
  2. Promote your OnlyFans link online: Perhaps one of the most trivial advice, but which can actually favor the growth of the profile on the social network, using others in synergy;
  3. Advertise and plan your content: Based on the previous point, it is also good to advertise the proposed contents, for example by showing an active profile and updated daily and anticipating part of the contents on other social networks (example, small clips, etc.);
  4. Talk to your fans: It is OnlyFans that encourages the dialogue between fans and authors, in order to easily reach point 7 also thanks to the messages in PPV;
  5. Test PPV messages: Real messages with exclusive paid content for fans (the “tutorial” is in the video below) in three different price ranges (low: $ 3, Medium: $ 10, high: $ 15);
  6. Choose the content that you think will be most profitable for PPVs: Of course, a careful choice of the right will have to be made post type in order to make the profile even more productive;
  7. Know your audience: In fact, based on the public, it will be easier to decide what to publish based on the “tastes” that are the most popular;
  8. Run promotional campaigns throughout the year: Posts dedicated to the holidays are always a good choice, with special and unpublished contents;
  9. Consider making your account free: Especially at the beginning, it is advisable to start from a free account to trivially “make yourself known”, and maybe pay only some specific posts, as mentioned before;
  10. Collaborate with other creators: Just like any other social network, collaborations are integral to popularity.

The last question left is: but how safe is OnlyFans?

The February 2020 leak

Last February (which we remember, having been the most prolific period for the social network) there was a leak of the photo and video contents of OnlyFans subscribers for a total of about 1.6 terabytes of files. In practice, all paid content was disclosed without any consent from the authors.

The company, however, claimed that there had been no violation, as explained by Steve Pym, marketing manager of OnlyFans:

“We looked at complaints about a hack across the site and found no evidence of any breach of our systems. The content leaked in the alleged “leak” appears to be the work of multiple sources, including other social media. “


Probably, everything is attributable to various OnlyFans subscribers who have decided to share their “purchases” with other users absolutely free or by creating a real “Black market” of files. In fact, the system behind these has been discovered private trading, curated on a hacker forum: buyers could purchase the content with Bitcoin or via PayPal for “only” $ 5 or $ 12 per content element. Once the payment was processed, the buyers received the content 12 hours later via Google Drive.

In fact, it is a not insignificant “risk” for users, but it would be impossible to deny that it does not happen in many other platforms where there is paid content.

Not just porn? It is true

Because yes, the most prominent category on the platform would seem to be that NSFW, but it is not said. The capabilities of the site in fact allow you to upload up to 3GB upload capacity for a single video e up to 20 images per post, thus allowing many users to upload even long tutorials or even entire lessons.

In a period where online courses are all the rage, OnlyFans has all the potential to become a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for people who only wanted to find the easiest and most immediate way to round up on the web, which is why we have highlighted all that series of useful information for any future user.



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