Opa Tim-Kkr, Poste thinks about entering the game: Del Fante gives the ok. NOISE

Opa Tim-Kkr, Poste Italiane thinks about entering the game: Draghi’s wild card if the industrial plan does not go through. NOISE

In Piazza Affari, Tim does not give up and keeps the price at € 0.50 per share. In the meantime, we think about the entrance of Italian post in the match that is taking place between Tim, Vivendi And Kkr. Tim remains the protagonist a business square and investors are wondering about the company’s future after the fund Kkr has expressed an interest in taking over the company by announcing a takeover bid from € 0.505 per share which, according to rumors, could reach much higher levels. Meanwhile, the premier Mario Draghi puts his finger in the wound of the dossier.

“The government is in favor of the ‘spin off’ of Tim, i.e. the unbundling of commercial services (ServiceCo) and the Network (NetCo). Self Bolloré aims at the conquest of Tim as a vehicle for transmitting not only data but content, the State aims to control strategic infrastructures “.

But what’s the ace in the hole? As we read on, the entry of Of the Infantryman and of Italian post. “At this point, Dragons discovered the ‘joker’. “If with Vivendi there is no agreement on the industrial plan of the ‘spin off’ (defense of employment and development of the network), in addition to Golden Power on the part of the government, nothing prohibits that Italian post can enter the game Tim and side with Cassa Depositi e Prestiti“. For its part, the CEO of Post office, Matteo Del Fante, it has already given the government its availability.

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