OpenCharge, Enel X’s flat rate for charging from home. How it works and costs

If you have an electric car, to be able to recharge at home it’s a big plus. Obviously, the garage of your home must be equipped with a suitably sized power outlet or with a wallbox. Let’s immediately say something important that may seem trivial but it is always better to repeat. The installation it must always be done by a trained electrician who will also be able to evaluate whether the electrical system is adequate to withstand the load necessary to recharge the car for a long time.

When equipping your parking space with a recharging point, you can’t help but think about a any rate change to try to save a few euros in the house bill. Enel X wanted to simplify charging from home or from the office by creating together with Enel Energia “OpenCharge“, a specific offer that allows owners of an electric car to be able to recharge without limits at a fixed price.


The offer is dedicated to all individuals and freelancers who have purchased an electric vehicle for personal use or have signed up for an electric car rental. There are, however, some important requirements to be met. First you need to have a parking space with private counter. Secondly, to be able to activate the offer it is essential to have installed the Enel X connected wallbox which is offered in 3.7 kW, 7.4 kW and 22 kW models.

In the absence of the JuiceBox, it will be mandatory to purchase and install it. It’s not okay to use a third-party wallbox or regular power outlet. The costs are as follows:

  • JuiceBox Pro Cellular 3.7 kW: 1,500 euros with inspection, installation and VAT included
  • JuiceBox Pro Cellular 7.4 kW: 1,800 euros with inspection, installation and VAT included
  • JuiceBox Pro Cellular 22 kW: price on request

Thirdly you need to have a active contract with Enel Energia and specifically the offer Open Electric (Home or Professional).

The price of the energy component is equal to the PUN (Single National Price): this means that for energy from home or office you will access the wholesale price of the energy component. The energy is also certified as coming from renewable sources through guarantees of origin of the Energy Services Manager (GSE).

Existing Enel Energia customers will be required to switch to Open Electric. Non-customers will have to migrate from their operator to Enel Energia, always activating this specific tariff offer.

Joining OpenCharge is really very easy. The request can be made directly online through the dedicated page on the Enel X Store website. At that time, customers will be contacted by an Enel Energia Charge Genius operator to complete the last steps and activate Enel Energia’s Open Electric offer for the free market.


OpenCharge is proposed in three different versions depending on car battery capacity which will need to be recharged: OpenCharge 20, OpenCharge 50 and OpenCharge 75.

  • OpenCharge 20: for cars with battery up to 20 kWh, offers unlimited recharges via JuiceBox and includes up to 30 kWh per month at Enel X public charging points
  • OpenCharge 50: for cars with batteries from 21 to 50 kWh, offers unlimited recharges via JuiceBox and includes up to 80 kWh per month at Enel X public charging points
  • OpenCharge 75: for cars with battery from 51 to 75 kWh, offers unlimited recharges via JuiceBox and includes up to 150 kWh per month at Enel X public charging points

Top-ups on the Enel X network also include those made by Fast columns up to 50 kW. How much does it cost per month OpenCharge? Prices are as follows.

  • OpenCharge 20: 50 euros
  • OpenCharge 50: 80 euros
  • OpenCharge 75: 120 euros

Customers will pay with the same credit card associated with the JuicePass app, until Enel Energia’s dedicated offer for the free market is also activated. Once activated, all expenses will be charged to Enel Energia’s bimonthly invoice with the bank domiciliation, including any penalties and exceeding the kWh of recharge on the public associated with your OpenCharge profile.

During the activation waiting period, for a maximum of 3 months, customers will be able to recharge free of charge at Enel X points, including HPC (High Power Charger) points with charging powers up to 350 kW. The OpenCharge Offer is valid from the date of activation and is automatically renewed on a monthly basis, unless canceled. The customer can cancel the OpenCharge Offer even before its natural expiration, at any time. To cancel the offer, the customer must call the toll-free number 800 069 850, active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The customer has the right to withdraw without charges within and no later than 14 days from adhering to the OpenCharge General Conditions. The right to reconsider can be exercised by expressing one’s will through the toll-free number 800 069 850. The OpenElectric Contract (Home or Professional), if already activated before the communication of the change of mind made in relation to the OpenCharge offer, will not be terminated and will remain active.


The offer it is calibrated on the battery capacity of the car declared at the time of signing the contract. There are no technical constraints if the customer, in compliance with the conditions of use, also charges a different electric vehicle. So, no problem if we have a second electric car or an electric motorcycle at home.Compliance with the conditions of use, however, it is essential.

The important thing is that the electricity consumption in a single charging session does not exceed the battery capacity of the registered vehicle, or that the energy consumption in several close recharges suggests the presence of a vehicle with a larger battery. than that declared. In the event of non-compliance with the conditions of use, Enel X will notify the customer. If the misconduct continues, the company will be able to terminate the contract.


Who can activate OpenCharge?

The offer can be activated by all individuals or professionals who have purchased an electric car or have signed a rental contract and have a box with a meter.

It is strictly necessary to have a dedicated meter for the box or can the offer be activated even in the case of a single meter?

You can safely use the present counter without having to add another one.

Is it mandatory to have the Enel X JuiceBox wallbox to activate OpenCharge?

Yes, you need a connected Enel X wallbox capable of monitoring consumption through the JuicePass app. The other solutions are not good.

Is it mandatory to sign a contract with Enel Energia?

Yes, in case you are not already a customer. In any case, the Open Electric Casa or Professional offer must be activated, even for existing customers.

How do you pay?

With the credit card combined with the JuicePass app until the Enel Energia offer is activated. Subsequently, all costs will be charged to the bill.

How can consumption be monitored?

Easy, just use the JuicePass app in which the JuiceBox wallbox will be registered.

Until when will it be possible to top up without limits from public columns?

Only until the wallbox has been installed, if not present and until the Enel Energia offer has been activated. In any case, for no more than 3 months.

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