Opera singer David Daniels pleads guilty to sexual assault. news from mexico

Houston, Texas.- The opera singer david daniels and her husband, Scott Walters, Another singer has been convicted of sexual assault in Houston.

Daniel, 57, is originally from here Ann Arbor, Michigan. And Walters, 40, entered his guilty plea on Friday, ending the grueling legal process facing him serious sexual assault allegations in first grade.

The couple pleaded guilty to a charge of sexual assault on an adult, which is a second-degree felony.

David Daniels punished

As part of his sentence, he was given eight years’ probation and had to register as sex offenders.

Both Daniels and Walters, along with their attorneys, chose not to comment after the court hearing.

Charges against Daniels and Walters followed in 2019 Samuel Schultz filed a criminal complaint in 2018, alleging that the two of them assaulted her in 2010.

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the facts of which they are accused

These events may have occurred after Schultz met the couple at a reception Houston Grand Opera, when he was a graduate student Rice University.

Schultz claimed that after being invited to his apartment, he drank a drink that caused him to faint, later waking up alone and naked.

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Victims of sexual assault are generally not identified, except when they choose to do so publicly, as Schultz has done. Their decision seeks to provide assistance to others who may face difficulties reporting similar incidents.

previous charges

Significantly, David Daniels, who is known for his excellent repartee voice, has faced allegations in the past as well. sexual harassment.

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In 2018, he was removed as Professor University of MichiganIn addition to being removed from production Handel’s “Orlando” by the San Francisco Opera Following allegations of sexual assault by a college student.

A claim was filed in federal court in michigan The description suggested that Daniels would have molested the student, exchanged photographs of sexually explicit material and supplied substances to sleep, in addition to touches of a sexual nature.

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