Oppenheimer: What was the origin of the Nolan tape?

  • The producer Charles Rowen met again Christopher Nolan To create oppenheimerafter collaborating together in dark Knight
  • charles rowan revealed what was the moment that gave birth to the ambitious tape Of Christopher Nolana moment he considers “almost destiny”.
  • oppenheimer It is already on its way to become one of the highest grosser films of 2023.

long before oppenheimerThe producer Charles Roven first collaboration with Christopher Nolan in the trilogy dark Knight, One of the director’s most ambitious projects, also made with Warner Bros. one of the most successful superhero sagas And the cinema was rated better.

Twenty years later, the thoughts of producer and director come together again oppenheimerA biopic Unprecedented it is already a huge success for Universal at present. And now, during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the producer has revealed what was the exact moment the director decided to give birth to this for prestigious project.

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Was Oppenheimer already in Christopher Nolan’s plans?

During an interview with THR, Charles Rowen told that he and his wife were in a meeting Christopher Nolan, and others in the industry, when The producer decided to ask what the next step would be Nolan’s career.

The director had little time to draw conclusions Principleso rowen thought so nolan will have no big plans for the foreseeable future.

,We were in a meeting, and to chat I asked Chris what would happen after Tenet. The producer revealed, although he commented that in fact, “Chris isn’t revealing too much about his next move.”

“Chris likes to keep his thoughts to himself, it’s just part of his personality” This, he explained, happened when Nolan asked the producer why he was asking.

“That’s when I said, have you ever heard of J. Robert Oppenheimer?”

Chris Rowen, THR

And, apparently, the producer was surprised The idea of ​​the film inspired by the life of the physicist, It had already begun to form in Christopher Nolan’s mind.

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Oppenheimer debuted during Tenet?

During a conversation with Rowen, Christopher Nolan actually toldSomeone mentioned the historical character during the filming of TenetSo the producer’s plans began to take shape, as he had already started working on the idea of ​​translating the book american prometheus on screen.

“Oppenheimer was already on his mind when I told Chris about him. And at the end of our conversation, where we told him what we wanted to do, Chris said, “I think now I really need to read the book”. And that, I feel like it was fate.

Chris Rowen, THR

“Robert Pattinson was the one who gave him a book of Oppenheimer’s speeches as a gift at the end of filming on Tenet”. For this reason, the producer said, the idea was already part of Nolan’s future plans, although they were not very clear at the time. “The book is engaging, and has an incredible story of its own” The producers said that as soon as Nolan finished reading it, they contacted him again to make the taping possible.

,He said, “I’m ready, let’s do it” and that’s how it all happened. And I consider it an accident.” End.

recently, oppenheimer Enters the top 10 highest-grossing films in history for people over the age of 18 $600 million at the box office—a quantity that the study had not anticipated for tapes — and more are expected to be added in the coming weeks.

oppenheimer quickly became one of the biggest releases of the year, and is expected to be one Solid Contenders at The Next Industry Awards Show Hollywood.

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