Oppenheimer will be Christopher Nolan’s longest film

Oppenheimer will be Christopher Nolan's longest film

Oppenheimer will be Christopher Nolan’s longest film

We are a few months away from the arrival of [entity_embed style=”link-tomatometro” id_entity=”761584″][Pelicula] oppenheimer[/entity_embed] to the movie theaters and the public and waiting with excitement. Directed by [entity_embed style=”default” id_entity=”397″][Director] Christopher Nolan[/entity_embed]the tape is based on the book American Prometheus: The Triumph and Tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimera Pulitzer Prize-winning play written by kai bird and Martin J Sherwin which recounts the life of the theoretical physicist and creator of the atomic bomb, J.Robert Oppenheimer.

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Slated for a July 21, 2023 release, this biographical feature features an all-star cast that includes [entity_embed style=”default” id_entity=”4511″][Actor] cillian murphy[/entity_embed] in the role of the famous scientist J.Robert Oppenheimer, [entity_embed style=”default” id_entity=”136″][Actor] Robert Downey Jr.[/entity_embed] like lewis strauss [entity_embed style=”default” id_entity=”3988″][Actor] Matt Damon[/entity_embed] as Leslie Groves Jr., [entity_embed style=”default” id_entity=”739″][Actor] Emily Blunt[/entity_embed] like kitty oppenheimer [entity_embed style=”default” id_entity=”214327″][Actor] Florence Pugh[/entity_embed], [entity_embed style=”default” id_entity=”4534″][Actor] rami malek[/entity_embed], [entity_embed style=”default” id_entity=”499918″][Actor] benny safdie[/entity_embed], [entity_embed style=”default” id_entity=”20127″][Actor] Josh Harnett[/entity_embed], [entity_embed style=”default” id_entity=”1571″][Actor] Dane DeHaan[/entity_embed], [entity_embed style=”default” id_entity=”101039″][Actor] Jack Quaid[/entity_embed], [entity_embed style=”default” id_entity=”919″][Actor] Jason Clarke[/entity_embed] and [entity_embed style=”default” id_entity=”38629″][Actor] David Dastmalchian[/entity_embed].

Get ready to spend a long time in the movie theater. According to a recent report from PuckNews (via Collider), oppenheimer would have a final duration of three hours, and if this is confirmed, the feature film would become the title with the longest duration of Nolan. While it might sound like a long time, fans of the work of Nolan They won’t have any problem because they are used to long-playing tapes, such is the case of [entity_embed style=”link-tomatometro” id_entity=”14019″][Pelicula] The Dark Knight rises[/entity_embed] with 164 minutes or [entity_embed style=”link-tomatometro” id_entity=”383″][Pelicula] Interstellar[/entity_embed] of 169 minutes,

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oppenheimer is one of the most anticipated films of the year and although this is the first time that Christopher Nolan ventures to direct a biographical drama, the expectations of the film are quite high. So far, audiences seem to be confident that the Oscar-nominated filmmaker will successfully bring this important piece of history to the big screen, and his great track record is behind him. Among Nolan’s most outstanding films we can find The Dark Knight Trilogy, [entity_embed style=”link-tomatometro” id_entity=”14075″][Pelicula] The origin[/entity_embed], Interstellar and [entity_embed style=”link-tomatometro” id_entity=”176745″][Pelicula] Dunkirk[/entity_embed].

In a previous interview for the podcast Happy Sad Confused of Josh Horowitzthe award-winning filmmaker [entity_embed style=”default” id_entity=”226044″][Director] Jordan Peele[/entity_embed]known for tapes like [entity_embed style=”link-tomatometro” id_entity=”226045″][Pelicula] Flees![/entity_embed], [entity_embed style=”link-tomatometro” id_entity=”358300″][Pelicula] Us[/entity_embed] and [entity_embed style=”link-tomatometro” id_entity=”710887″][Pelicula] Nope![/entity_embed]shared how much he is excited about the arrival of the film of Christopher Nolan. His words were as follows:

All I can say is that I am very envious that I did not get to be on the set of this production. The talent is incredible. I have seen some footage from the movie, it looks so beautiful. It’s going to be something really…it’s what I’m most excited about this year.

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