OPPO Reno7 Sunset Orange, the device with the most personality

The world of electronic devices continues to grow impressively. Every day there are more options we have to choose from. OPPO presents the Reno7 Sunset Orangethe world leader in smart devices reaffirms its avant-garde and revolutionary DNA by launching a new color from its successful line Reindeer7.

Not only is this new creation synonymous with visual sophistication, but its industry-first fiberglass leather design makes it feel instantly luxurious to the touch.

Join us in deciphering why this smartphone came to become an icon of the digital world, in addition to being the new accessory that every GQ man needs by his side.

OPPO Reno7 Sunset Orange: a delight for the senses

Its industry-first fiberglass leather design makes it feel instantly luxurious to the touch.Courtesy OPPO

Tell us the type of smartphone what you have and we will tell you how you are. This phrase was never more accurate, and today OPPO, proves it with this new proposal that, we are sure, will become your new favorite. Because more than a cell phone, you need a device that is your ally; that makes your life easier, that becomes your accomplice and allows you to connect and interact with others in a practical, innovative and simple way, but that at the same time manages to do match with your lifestyle and personality. If something like this crosses your mind every time you go looking for a smartphone, what you need is the Reno7 Sunset Orangea team that will exceed your expectations.

But why this new gadget is it so disruptive? It’s known that OPPO has always distinguished itself by innovating in design and optimizing the user experience, and the version Sunset Orange brings a new tactile sensation to the reindeer series 7; a unique sensory experience that combines the texture of leather with a bright orange hue that brings supreme sophistication to your look.

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