Opposing views is not the same as division – Experience

Growing up during this “woke movement” I have seen society go from being more culturally and socially aware to being hyper sensitive. These intense emotions have led to many conflicts regarding topics that deserve a platform for discussion, but should not be the root of riots or mass rebellion.

One topic that has always been controversial is LGBTQ+ rights, a movement that has made great strides since the turn of the century, and rightfully so. Everyone is entitled to freedom and the pursuit of happiness, it is their natural right. But like life and liberty, everyone is naturally allowed to believe whatever they choose and not everyone will believe the same thing. As a society we must learn to remember this and not allow emotional disagreements simply because of opposing views. Neither side will be able to fully achieve their goals by inciting any form of violence or hatred, nor will they be able to accomplish anything if they remain polite because they are afraid of offending someone.

The same goes for every controversial topic: race, sexuality, religion, Johnny Depp Vs. Amber Heard, presidential election, etc. People are always quick to rush to one side in any dispute and express their opinion, but those who do not share the same opinion are wrong. If you truly believe that your opinion is closest to the fact, you have to accept that the person with the opposing viewpoint feels the same way. By doing this, you can at least try to understand their point of view without necessarily agreeing with them. But you gain knowledge, and maybe even strengthen yourself in your opinion, but you don’t let it ruin your day. But along with respecting other people’s beliefs, you certainly have the right to respect your own. Of course, when someone shows interest in the matter then preach your faith but never impose it on others.

As of late, it seems as if the world is divided in its opinions on the Palestine/Israel conflict. As soon as Hamas launched the missiles, many people aired their opinions on the conflict on social media and stated which side they supported, as if these words would provide any assistance on the matter. Why is it that opposing views on this matter have recently led to large-scale violence? Why are American citizens tearing up posters of missing fellow Americans who were unfortunate enough to be caught in a conflict that was not theirs?

There are always many sides to cases, especially if they are controversial. Whether they are religious or social matters, or matters of justice, everyone will have their own ideas about what is right and what is wrong. Everyone has the right to believe their opinion as if it were fact, but it should not be confused with fact. As long as you are respectful of others and yourself, any conflict can be resolved.

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