Opposition Valencia Health | Thousands of toilets risk it in the examination of their lives

“Luck”. It is the word that was heard the most this Saturday outside the north and south classrooms of the Tarongers campus of the University of Valencia. There they crowded thousands of people facing what may be the test of their lives Looking for a specialized position in the health sector. He is known as MIR in medicinean acronym to which the initial dances depending on each area: FIR in pharmacy, PIR in psychology either RIA in nursingamong many.

The Valencian applicants are only a small part of the almost 28,000 toilets that from this Saturday at 4:00 p.m. compete for the little more than 11,000 places that are offered throughout Spain, 1,044 of them in hospitals of C. Valenciana. The test consists of 210 questions and lasts 4 and a half hours.

Those who obtain the best qualifications will be the first to choose their specialty and the hospital center in which to develop their residency. That is almost two thirds of the students that swirled at the doors of the classrooms will have to wait and a large majority, be satisfied with what the students with the highest grade leave.

Nerves could be smelled outside the buildings, packed with people almost two hours before the start of the exam. But managing the pulsations is not the only thing that worries health workers. This is the case of Carlota Peris, who wants to specialize in Pharmacy. “We carry a lot of study behind us, it is normal that there is pressure and nerves. But the biggest problem is the lack of places“, the Mint.

It is the feeling shared by the majority: too much competition to access a profession in which more professionals are needed. Xavi López sums it up in his own way: “I have killed myself studying to be able to choose where they kill me to work. We nurses have a point of masochism, “she says between nervous laughs.

But there are always those who take life with more philosophy, like Mariola, who arrives at the exam with no expectations and therefore more relaxed than most of her colleagues: “I haven’t studied anything, so I’m great,” she says before promising that next year he will prepare it “seriously”, but not before closing a reward trip. “As soon as I’m done, I’m going to Southeast Asia for a month, to cry there quietly when the note arrives.”

Charo and José María do not take the exam. They have been accompanying her daughter and upon listening to Mariola’s reflections they cannot help but ask her how she does to maintain that calm. “Our daughter has a terrible time. It’s the second time she’s been examined, the previous one came out crying. She is very demanding and all this makes her very nervous, “laments the mother.

Thousands of people present themselves to the oppositions of Health in Valencia Eduardo Ripoll

More places in Spain

Despite the criticism from students about this shortage of offer, something that is supported by professional circles, unions and scientific societies, this year the The volume of places for these four-year training programs has increased by 5% compared to 2022increasing by 545 positions.

As usual, Medicine takes the cake with more than 8,500 places out of the 11,171 offered. Likewise, Nursing has 1,961, Pharmacy with 308, Psychology 231 and Biology, 60.

Thousands of people present themselves to the oppositions of Health in Valencia Eduardo Ripoll

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