Optimum Health, the new Hifas da Terra product with which you achieve complete physical and mental well-being

We only have one body, one life and one opportunity, under this premise Optimum Health, by Hifas da Terra, a new commitment to Wellness, Beauty and Style through the power of nature. It is a natural nutritional supplement that aims to position itself as an international benchmark. From the point of view of prevention, providing the optimal and necessary level of assets, to live longer and better.

Optimum Health is a journey to the roots, a product created after identifying the ingredients that have been scientifically linked to a superior quality of life and longevity in certain Atlantic populations. It is the return to the origin, to the natural, to respect for the Atlantic culture, but from a perspective of high scientific and technological criteria in order to obtain a overall benefit on the general welfare of the consumer.

This natural supplement has an exclusive formulation developed from years of research around the active ingredients of natural Atlantic origin and their medical-scientific studies. Optimum Health was born to respond to consumers, creating a new nutritional supplement that combines the best ingredients from our sea and our land in a natural formula that balances body and mind to achieve the best version of ourselves. Always on the side of consumers and their needs, Optimum Health follows the latest British trend that says that inner and mental well-being, not just physical, is essential to be on the cutting edge.

To welcome this product, from this moment to the next September 1stOptimum Health has opened a limited presale for the acquisition of the welcome pack for 65 euros, a unique option because from that moment it will cost 85 euros. Behind the welcome pack, consumers will be able to subscribe to receive the Optimum monthly treatment for free at home to continue getting closer to their best version month after month and gradually improving their sleep, stress, vitality, immune system and beauty. Consumers will be able to sign you up for the Optimum treatment for 3, 6 or 12 months at your home or buy refills individual monthly treatment through the web.

The best of land and sea

With this learning, and after research, Hifas da Terra has developed this formula in which the most representative ingredients and functional principles of the sea and the land are brought together, creating a balance that provides a beneficial global effect on health. Mushrooms are used from the earth (Cordyceps sinensis, Hericium Erinaceus and Ganoderma Lucidum (Reishi)) Kale and Sambucus Nigra Probiotics (Lactobacillus Plantarum and Brevis). While, from the sea, Atlantic Spirulina, Marine Collagen and Sea Lettuce (Ulva lactuca).

In addition, it also has an exclusive set of additional vitamins and minerals of natural origin and with proven effectiveness on health (Vitamin C, Vitamin D2 and D3, Vitamin K2, B vitamins, Biotin, Zinc, Selenium and Elastin).

Thus, Optimum Health addresses the wellness from a global and comprehensive perspective, acting on eight functional parameters that manage to achieve the best version of each one: vitality and energy, digestive health, strengthening of the immune system, concentration, anxiety, stress and beauty.

Hifas da Terra, research as a pillar of the company

Catalina Fernandez de Ana Portela is responsible for the success of the company Hifas da Terra which, as founder and president, applies a know howbased on more than 20 years of experience, together with a large and international team of experts. To know the origin of the company it is necessary to go back to 1998, when it was born. Hifas da Terra is a biotech which is based on research and innovationwith a high degree of specialization, in the development of nutraceuticals from medicinal mushrooms.

Treatment with medicinal mushrooms aims to research and develop natural products for the maintenance and improvement of human health. Hifas da Terra’s commitment to health and well-being translates into research and innovation for the development of products such as nutraceuticals, medical devices and biopharmaceuticals of high quality and added value for the integrative treatment of pathologies.

The most important research areas in HDT they are studies on gastroenterology, oncology, immunology, musculoskeletal system and mental-emotional health. The company currently has more than 15 active clinical studies evaluating the health benefits of supplementation with its products, including two clinical oncology trials in patients with colorectal cancer (Micromarker project), breast cancer (Microimmunomama ), two highly innovative clinical trials in the area of ​​women’s health and clinical studies in patients with SIBO in irritable bowel syndrome, DAO deficiency and diverticular disease, among others.

For its part, Hifas da Terra’s enormous commitment to nature and ecology is confirmed by the entire Hifas da Terra Groupwhich, through its various entities, develops multiple sustainability projects and launches different initiatives for reforestation and environmental conservation and recovery.


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