Order at home has an impact on our well-being, according to a study by IKEA, the General Council of Psychology and the Psycho-foundation

IKEA, the General Council of Psychology and the Psycho-foundation join forces to promote the first study that analyzes the relationship between different aspects of home lifesuch as the order or relationships between people who live together, with well-being, happiness and other psychological variables such as anxiety or loneliness.

The study, which will be presented this Mayaims to shed light from a psychological perspective on how our home can be a key factor for our well-being emotional and what aspects are the ones that have a greater incidence to achieve it.

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Thus, it reveals, among other issues, that variables such as the order or that the house is in good condition have a clear impact on that well-being and other variables such as anxiety. Also that people who present greater well-being are those who carry out many activities together and frequently in their home, keep their home in good condition and tidy, and live only with their partner.

Some data are especially relevant if we take into account that, according to the WHO, mental health problems will be the main cause of disability in the world in 2030. Although the study shows that the 58.1% of Spanish men and women have a high level of well-being and 69.4% say they feel very happy, they also find that 1 out of 3 Spaniards has a probable case of anxiety, 1 out of 4 a probable case of depression and 1 out of 5 has experienced suicidal ideation in the last month, while Almost half report having perceived sleep problems and 1 in 8 say they feel lonely.

Aware of this reality and of the need for a contribution from all the actors that make up society to find solutions to this problem, they will also propose actions aimed at guaranteeing psychological health and well-being, with the home as an essential pillar to achieve it.

In this context, IKEA intends with this study, in the words of Mónica Chao, Director of Sustainability at IKEA in Spain, “to continue taking steps to create better homes, better lives and a better planet; all this with a common denominator, well-being; which is an aspect that is in our DNA, but in which we are putting even more focus in recent years”.

Along the same lines, the General Council of Psychology and the Psycho-foundation manifest themselves, which, in the words of its president, Francisco Santolaya, wanted to highlight the importance of companies and organizations, such as IKEA, “valuing the need to care for psychological health and well-beingand contribute with studies, such as the one that has been carried out, that allow identifying aspects, in this case, of the home, that are related to psychological well-being, and that allow the implementation of actions aimed at prevention of psychological problemssuch as anxiety or depression, and to promote the well-being of Spanish men and women”.

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