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María de la Luz González, promoter of organic products, confirms that Despite the cold, the demand for repellents against mosquitoes and ticks has not decreased; He even said that the orders are now not just in the region but at the national level.

He believes that currently there is greater credibility towards products based on medicinal herbs or with properties that prevent the presence of insects.

in the matter of Local brand Ecotono, is the work done by Enrique Mora Heredia, Doctor in Tropical Ecology From Tropical Research Center of the Universidad Veracruzana.

How does repellent work Ecotone?

Repellent created in a field laboratory It has a dual function, as it is also an antibacterial gel. The base is citrus, lemongrass, clove and cinnamon, and unlike pharmacy products, the cost is very low.

The interviewee explained that the “repeller” has become an essential product especially in Coatepec, where what is most bought is the pocket presentation.

In addition to this product, he believes people are generally returning to organic, and in skin care they are interested in Moringa cream, which contains the protein.

moringa, Description, it is useful to protect skin cells, in addition, in the cream it is a useful moisturizer and detoxifier, it stimulates collagen, elastin and softens the skin.

It is detailed that Moringa Cream It also helps the skin of people suffering from diabetes, psoriasis and other diseases. Consider that beyond what can be gained from sales, promotion of “dermatological grade” plants is important.

María de la Luz González believes that more and more people are using these products and that even more people are interested in the production and expansion of the offers.

What other organic products do you offer?

In ecoctono, in addition to repellents, they already make Oil made from a mixture of medicinal plants that helps in reducing wounds, Stretch marks and expression lines on the body and face; Gel to prevent lice, as well as various treatments, even for pets. He can be contacted on 22 87 54 97 94.

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