Orlando Bloom, a detail of his sexual life with Katy Perry does not satisfy him: the complaint of the actor


Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry

There star de THE Pirates of the Caribbean Orlando Bloom has released some statements that are greatly surprising his fans and those of his partner, singer Katy Perry. The two, after having started dating in 2016 and broke up a few months later, are back together more close than ever, so much so that in August 2020 a little girl was born from their love, Daisy Dove.

Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry seem to miss the big step at the altar, albeit according to what was reported by Page Six just a few days ago, the two may already have married. Katy Perry was in fact paparazzi in Hawaii with her partner, and the watchful eye of gossip has not escaped the ring on the finger of the singer of Firework and Roar (HERE the picture). A clue that Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry got married in secret? For both it would be the second marriage, after the 14 months of marriage with Russell Brand for Katy, and the 3 years with Miranda Kerr for the actor.

However, it is not only the alleged secret marriage that is talked about, but also some Orlando Bloom’s statements about sex life with Katy Perry. Interviewed by The Guardian a few days ago, Legolas’ face let itself go to some intimate confidences. In addition to the best kiss of his life – “I had a girlfriend named Debbie at 17: that was a kiss– Bloom was asked how often they have sex. His answer was at least honest:

Not enough. We just had a baby girl, anyway.

The unexpected complaint about sex life with Katy Perry, therefore, would therefore be attributable to the tiring but hopefully rewarding parenting life of a newborn, who may for the moment have taken away time and energy from the passion. The feeling between the two is there, even if Bloom, answering the question of who were the great loves of his life, did not put Katy Perry exactly in the very first positions:


My son Flynn and my daughter Daisy Dove, a dog named Mighty e then, of course, my fiancée

Photo: Getty – Axelle / Bauer-Griffin

Source: The Guardian



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