Ortiz breaks the silence, the culprit that America could not win Toluca

Tano Ortiz and America vs Toluca
Tano Ortiz and America vs Toluca

Fernando Ortiz is officially beginning his second season in charge of América without counting his internship, that is why the pressure feels different from last tournament and he knows that he has to give the team the title no matter what.

América once again fell short and could not achieve victory and despite the fact that the team remains undefeated, the América fans are already beginning to put pressure on DT because they do not know what it is to win in this Clausura 2023.

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Despite the fact that Tano mentions that there was a lot of improvement for this duel than in the one last week against Querétaro, Tano Ortiz did not miss the opportunity and washed his hands of it at the press conference in addition to throwing a dart.

Who does Tano Ortiz blame?

Tano Ortiz washed her hands of it and mentioned that the issue of reinforcing the right side is an issue that has to be resolved club board, Well, Ortiz has been asking for his reinforcement for quite some time and it is one of the weakest areas of the team, since both goals fell there.

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