Óscar de la Hoya directed new criticism against Canelo Álvarez for his love of golf: “A fighter has to be focused”

Óscar de la Hoya, retired boxer and fight promoter.

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The relationship -if it exists- between Óscar de la Hoya and Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez has another chapter after the retired ‘Golden Boy’ criticized the man from Guadalajara for his love of golf.

It is well known that Álvarez’s favorite pastime is the practice of that sport, mainly after his big fights, but after the heavy defeat against Dmitry Bivol, from whom he could not take away his World Boxing Association (WBA) championship belt. , they recommended that he no longer practice the ‘hole in one’.

For De la Hoya If Canelo continues in the routine of playing golf regularly, he could be left out of the top 10 boxers in the world. and not continue to transcend in this sport, he told the YouTube channel FightHub TV.

“Canelo has played a lot of golf (…) It takes a lot out of you. Yeah, you’re out there for six hours. You are standing still, your legs are weak, and you are focused.”

Oscar de la hoya

To further explain his point, the president of Golden Boy Promotions spoke from his own experience, more than a decade actively in boxing:

“I played a lot of golf between fights or between training sessions. And it takes a lot of energy, a fighter has to be focused.

Despite the fact that Saúl Álvarez has described Óscar on many occasions as a “disloyal who only cares about money”, De la Hoya continues to worry about the career of the boxer he managed for more than five years, to whom he recommended that he return to the basic, since “you can play golf when you are 90 years old”.

In the same interview, the former world champion in up to six divisions also criticized the “drastic” change that Canelo had in his diet, by becoming vegan “overnight”, something that in his opinion deeply and negatively affects the athlete, and especially when the Mexican had a challenge as important as moving up in category for the clash against Dmitry Bivol.

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