Oscar Isaac surpasses Chris Evans and breaks an unexpected Marvel record after his appearance in ‘Spider-Man: Crossing the Multiverse’.

Chris Evans played the role of Human Torch and Captain America. Hailee Steinfeld was Kate Bishop and Spider-Gwen. Josh Brolin, meanwhile, Thanos and Cable. But Seeing this panorama of actors repeating in different parts In the macro-franchise, Oscar Isaac has decided to outdo them all in an unusual record: He is the only actor to have already had three Marvel roles., Of course, if we consider Moon Knight’s multiple personalities.

not looking for an oscar

His first approach to La Casa de las Ideas was in 2016 with the premiere of ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’, where He played the famous villain It started an era in comics and created complete nostalgia in the movies. It was the last film with the group’s name in the title (it would end with the dreadful ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’) and From everything it looked like Isaac would not be returning to the Marvel world.

But then ‘Caballero Luna’ crossed paths last year, where He lent body and voice to the protagonist, Marc Spector. (and Steven Grant) in one of the best miniseries headed to Disney+. Kevin Feige himself talked about the character’s future in future films of the franchise, but Isaac does not have a contract for more deliveries. Of course, if the story makes sense and the actors are willing to back whatever they say to justify the salary negotiation.

Finally, if you watch ‘Spider-Man: Crossing the Multiverse’ in the original version You can hear the actor as Miguel O’Hara, the legendary Spider-Man 2099 Who was born in 1992 into the world of complex comics like Vichitra and now his long-awaited debut has been released. And His absolutely insane personality is worth it. Wow, it’s worth it.

At least for now, Oscar Isaac is considering three roles at Marvel! And we must also bear in mind that this is not his only saga: Poe Dameron probably has a future at Disney, the pilot for the new ‘Star Wars’ trilogy. Of course, we don’t know if Oscar will get an Oscar or not, but for now He does everything possible so that we can never stop watching him,

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