Óscar Jimenez is looking for a child who had been given away by the shirt he had given away

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Óscar Jiménez fully enjoys being the starting goalkeeper for América. Freehand he earned the opportunity to cover the cream-blue frame after the departure of Guillermo Ochoa and he has known how to respond.

After two games in the Clausura 2023 with the Eagles, where the victory for his team has not come, but he has excelled with savesafter the match against Toluca, the goalkeeper had a noble gesture with a child, although the end was not as expected.

Why is Jiménez looking for a child?

After the draw against Toluca 2-2 at Nemesio Diez, the goalkeeper of the Coapa team answered the call of a small fanwho asked him to give him the shirt he used in the game.

However, when he threw the jacket at her, orno adult snatches it from him and runs out of the stadiumleaving the little one without the joy of being able to show off Jiménez’s elastic.

Everything was captured in a TikTok that has gone viral. Even more so when in one of the comments the meta itself asks that help you find the childsince he has a surprise prepared for him.

How many goals have you allowed with América?

In his new stage as America’s starting goalkeeper, after Guillermo Ochoa left for Salernitana in Serie AÓscar Jiménez, in the two games he has added in the Clausura 2023, has barely allowed a couple of goals, both against Toluca on Matchday 2.

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