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Chloe Zhao received an Oscar in 2020 for directing the film nomadic landwho also won this award.

The competition that year did not appear to favor the Chinese filmmaker, as titles such as Father, Munk And metal soundAmong other strong candidates, he may be outnumbered.

He also beat out directors like Thomas Winterberg and David Fincher. And not only that, as if that wasn’t enough, veteran Frances McDormand, under her leadership, added yet another statuette to her list of winners.

Zhao Ting, better known as Chloe Zhao, 41, is a producer and screenwriter who also directed the spectacular film eternal (2021), Angelina Jolie is among the immortal beings who protect humanity from the devouring demons.

the person in question was responsible for such tapes mountedStarring Tim Jandreau, Also Addresses the Tragic Life of a Former Rodeo Rider the songs my brothers sang to meA documentary about the famous director Werner Herzog and the play Nuer,

nomadic land After severe depression due to losing everything in the recession, it addresses this mature woman’s decision to stay in her shuttle and do whatever work comes her way, after turning down even very sincere offers of marriage.

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