Oscars 2022: 5 ways Hollywood is looking to bring back the appeal of its star awards

  • Steven McIntosh
  • BBC Entertainment Journalist

Will Smith at the Critics' Awards USA

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Will Smith is favorite to win the Oscar for best actor for his role in King Richard.

The 94th Academy Awards take place this Sunday in Los Angeles and, with last year’s viewing figures at an all-time low, organizers are under pressure to make the ceremony relevant again, particularly to younger audiences. young man.

There used to be hundreds of reasons to sit down and watch the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awards.

Before there were social networks, provided a rare opportunity from catch a glimpse of the world’s biggest movie stars gathered in the same place; to see what they were wearing and (for masochists) to listen to their speeches.

Second, it was a place to watch clips from the year’s most acclaimed movies, long before YouTube made trailers available on demand.

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