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November 24, 2021 at 5:15 pm

The injury of Victor Osimhen is the news of the week. For the Nigerian, a prognosis of 90 days after yesterday’s operation, but it does not mean that the recovery time for the return to the field in Serie A is exactly 90 days. This is right to clarify, because it is a particular injury. For example, it will be necessary to understand whether or not he will be able to play with a mask, while then he will also have to return to condition after a period of rest. There is therefore no clarity on recovery times, they are still undefined. Updates will come gradually.

RELEASE – We have said about the uncertain recovery times, this makes life difficult even for the release, for example for those who have the three-month rule (change a player if he is out for at least three months). Regulations vary from alloy to alloy, In most Fantasy Fantasy games, players cannot be released until the repair auction. And so you can’t do anything until the beginning of February. Who has the possibility to release it, can evaluate. As mentioned, it depends a lot on the type of alloy. In a fantasy football, for example, it must be released immediately, like all injured for a long time. Thus taking another big up front, depending on the credits you have. Then you can take it back without any problems as soon as it comes back. On the other hand, for a junction in the league between friends, it depends a lot on who is free and on the number of participants. In principle, Osimhen is not to be released, even for the few who have the possibility – at a regulatory level – to do so. An exception can be made by the playmaker who really finds himself in an emergency on offense, one who risks being ten between now and February. In the league of 6 or 8 there are more complete attack departments and also able to make up for his absence, even if in any case players like Simeone or Beto could be released. For the rest there is little else good to fish. From 10 and up it becomes even more difficult to find a good free striker. But remember that if you release Osimhen then another fantasy trainer from your league will take him up for auction. In view of the February repair auction (for the majority of fantasy coaches), on the other hand, there can be no doubt: the return will be close, so he will absolutely not be able to release.

EXCHANGES – For exchanges you can make a speech similar to that of junctions, or rather that only a minority of leagues have open exchanges. For all the others we will talk about it again and January, so we too will talk about it again in January: it is useless to deepen now what to do in over a month. In January we will see the situation and evaluate when trading is open in your league. For the few who can trade now, the Osimhen case has to be evaluated according to your situation: number of participants, the attack you have, position in the rankings. In principle, even here it is not to be exchanged, it is not convenient to do it now. If you really want to exchange it after the injury, it is better to do it in the next few days and not immediately, not hot. Since yesterday there has been a lot of talk about Osimhen and the devaluation was heavy. Better to wait a bit. Easy to say that Osimhen only trades for a top, this is obvious but unfortunately you will not find anyone in your league who trades him for a big “available”. Osimhen currently has a fantasy average of 7.5 with 5 goals in 11 games. At the average level, the red of the first day pays, which had brought him a 3.5. From the third day onwards his average is above 7.5. They have a higher average fantasy than Osimhen, in order: THEmmobile, Zapata, Simeone, Ibrahimovic, Vlahovic, Destro, Berardi, Dzeko, Joao Pedro, Caprari, Giroud, Lautaro, Dybala, Correa, Leao and Barrow (also 7.5). They are the ones who have played at least half of the matches, even if not all of them are the starters. Osimhen enjoyed perhaps a greater consideration than what he did on the pitch, a small decline after the boom between the fourth and eighth matchdays (five goals). Then four games without scoring until Inter, with the injury against Salernitana in the middle. In any case, he would still have had the Africa Cup in January, this was already to be budgeted. And so maybe you had already built the squad to be able to afford its absence. Going back to exchanges, for what we are seeing if someone offers you one like Joao Pedro or Berardi you can accept. We have seen some offers like this. We have also seen many inferior offers, to be turned down. At 6-8 it’s easier to make up for its absence, especially if you had 4-5th slots that are performing well. Or maybe you have it in pink Mertens or Petagna as Osimhen reserves, in this case you are more covered. Both will play more, especially from Dries a lot is expected and it can become an opportunity. In a larger league, if you are in front of an emergency, you are almost forced to intervene, but as said better not immediately and we add that perhaps it is preferable to make a multiple exchange. Most of the fantasy coaches can’t do anything, they have exchanges and junctions and closed. And then there is only to hold up to January and then evaluate the situation.

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