Osman Madrid advises Edwin Rodríguez to respect the contract that binds him until May with Aris FC in Greece

After expressing his desire to return to Honduras as soon as possible, edwin rodriguez was advised not to disrespect the contract signed with Aris FC of Greece, according to statements by the vice president of Olimpia, Osman Madrid.

The León leader referred to the contract that the Honduran has with Aris FC in an interview given to Meridiano Deportivo of Radio Freedom.

“Edwin hasn’t had much of an opportunity there, but he has a contract until May, anything is being discussed that gives him the opportunity, for that he must make the effort to prepare well and show good quality,” said Osman.

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In this context, the manager clarified that he has to finish his contract until what has been agreed and that despite how difficult his adaptation has been, they do not doubt his ability.

“It’s not easy to adapt when you go out to a football as competitive as the European one, it’s costing you a bit, but we can’t doubt the capacity you have, we hope you can continue and finish your contract”, he commented.

According to Madrid, the Catracho midfielder has a current contract with Aris FC, so he has to respect it and wait for the moment to show his talent.

Will you return to Honduras?

“No, no, no, he has a valid contract, someone came out with that information that Edwin had requested to return, I don’t know if someone visited him, but it seems that it was a relative who told him that he could return, but he must fulfill your contract”, Finished Osman Madrid.

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