Osteoarthritis can be treated with Regenerative Medicine in an effective and simple way

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease that is more common in people over 50 years of age. Its incidence is more pronounced among women than among men. factors like obesity, overweight, or genetics They mean that there are individuals more prone than others to suffer from this ailment that mainly affects the knee.

The main symptom of osteoarthritis is pain.. At first it is mild, but when the disease progresses, it becomes more pronounced, making rest insufficient. In addition, other symptoms such as stiffness, swelling or difficulty walking, if it is in the knee, playing sports or making certain movements.

In the case of moderate knee osteoarthritis, the discomfort appears only when the movement of the joint begins. It can occur in the external area, the internal, the anterior or in the entire knee. If it is more serious, it becomes a disabling disease that will prevent the patient from leading a normal life.

Today, the treatment of osteoarthritis has a new ally. This is Regenerative Medicine, a therapy that is applied successfully in the Cres Clinics centers, among which the one in the Zaragoza street of María Lostal.

The doctor Carlos Jarabo, medical director of Clínicas Cres, a specialist in Regenerative Medicine and who was a doctor for Real Zaragoza for several years; He points out that they are very safe and effective techniques that do not have side effects or can cause rejection. This is due to the fact that biological material from the patient is used during the process.

Treatment is outpatient. By not requiring surgery or hospitalization, recovery periods are shortened compared to other interventions such as the implantation of a prosthesis in the damaged joint. “In most cases, the pain is relieved and cartilage degeneration is stopped, and in many cases it can be completely regenerated if the disease is not very advanced,” explains Dr. Jarabo. “In cases where the disease is already very advanced, the patient’s quality of life is also significantly improved, especially by treating the chronic pain they suffer from,” he adds.

Basic diagnosis

An early diagnosis is essential to catch osteoarthritis as soon as possible and that the result of the application of Regenerative Medicine is satisfactory. Another important factor is the staff that will perform the technique. “It is very important that these treatments are carried out by medical professionals who are experts in regenerative medicine,” says Dr. Elena Guallar, medical specialist in this therapy who consults at Clínicas Cres Zaragoza.

Elena Guallar is part of the team of medical specialists that Clínicas Cres has at its center in Zaragoza.
Elena Guallar is part of the team of medical specialists that Clínicas Cres has at its center in Zaragoza.
Cres Clinics

All Zaragozans who want to try the benefits of Regenerative Medicine can request an appointment for a first consultation on 976 483 553 or through their website. It is also possible to go to their centers in Madrid, Valencia and Palma de Mallorca.

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