Osvaldo Laporte’s funny story with Sharon Stone and Dustin Hoffman: I touched him…

Laporte said that in that country he won the Telegato Prize. “It’s Like the Oscars”When the driver joked on the name of the award, he replied to him.

“Were Sharon Stone and Dustin Hoffman there?”Wanted to know the presenter. “Yeah, there were other people too. They were three rows ahead of me.”The actor of Love in Custody explained in detail.

“When the show ended I went ‘ahhh’ (raises his hand to show what he was pointing at that moment) and touched Dustin Hoffman’s back,” Revealed the actor who showed his most Cholula part.

Nacha Guevara answered without any filter what kind of men do you like

this Monday, nacha guevara sat in the living room Al Dente Night (US TV) And told what kind of men she likes. In the ping pong of questions, fer dente He asked the artist what a man would have to do to win her over today.

Amidst laughter, Nacha replied without any filter: “He must have a sense of humour, which has been lost, because now people make jokes. But joke is one thing and humor is another.

“I want a scientist”revealed. “I Like Scientists: A Quantum Physicist”, Specific. “nothing to do with art”, The driver replied. “Well, in the end, quantum physics is also like art, because it is the fulfillment of the essence of life”The actress justified.

“Yes, a scientist, but with a sense of humor, good looking, no nonsense too, huh”, summed up. The presenter joked, “Okay @conicet, we can send the message.” “Yeah, I’ve seen a couple”, Nacha assured.

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