Osvaldo Ríos kissed Salvador Zerboni on the mouth and this would deserve expulsion from ‘LCDLF2’

The elimination night of this Monday, June 20, in ‘The House of the Famous’ It was lived to the limit since Niurka Marcos was at risk of going out with Daniella Navarro, Lewis Mendoza and Salvador Zerboni, and with 48% of the votes it was the public that chose the Cuban as the sixth expelled.

However, before witnessing the announcement that Niurka would no longer be in the competition for $200,000 dollars, the millions of fans of Telemundo’s reality show witnessed the kiss on the mouth that Osvaldo Ríos gave Salvador Zerboni when he said goodbye to him.

This provoked a debate on social networks about the alleged “inappropriate conduct” by Ríos that could warrant direct eliminationWell, for many of the followers of the show Osvaldo’s action included physical contact, but beyond that, he did so without Zerboni’s consent.

“Confidence is not enough….Mr. Osvaldo was too daring

“That was like a threat and a total lack of respect”, “A lack of respect and Osvaldo should leave #outsideosvaldo”, “Osvaldo’s worst move is an attack. I was shocked, that neither here nor in China is acceptable, I hope the production catches his attention because that is aggression”“Horrible, from every angle you see, this man preaches being something, talks about forgiveness and just for a nomination he does that kind of thing”, “No, but what disrespect. I that Zerboni would have reacted aggressively and to add to him by threatening him ”, are some of the comments left by Instagram users.

“This man’ Osvaldo Ríos has just committed the GREATEST IGNOMY in #LCDLF2. Superior to any of the atrocities for which Niurka left. It is a SERIOUS OFFENSE to the detriment of the dignity of the participant. Includes physical contact that warrants SANCTION from @TLMDRealities #LCDLF2″, they sentenced on Twitter, while others explained that “it was the kiss of death. That’s what the Italian mafia does.”

Instagram: lacasadelosfamosos.tv

Once the elimination gala was over, what Ríos had done was also a topic of conversation within ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ and he himself gave an account of the why did he do what he did confirming that he gave Salvador Zerboni “the kiss of death” just for nominating him.

Zerboni claims Osvaldo for having kissed him on the mouth and generates a heated discussion in ‘La Casa de los Famosos’

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