Osvaldo Ríos makes strong revelations about his romantic relationship with Shakira

The Puerto Rican actor and singer spoke about what must be the most controversial relationship of the Colombian singer.

Osvaldo Rios He is a Puerto Rican actor and singer known for his roles in telenovelas such as Kassandra, La viuda de Blanco and Hug me very strong, among others. In his youth he had a romantic relationship with Shakira.

In 1997, the famous man was the Colombian’s boyfriend and at that time it became the most controversial romance of Gerard Piqué’s current partner. This is due to the age difference, she was 20 years old and he was 37. The relationship ended when the actor declared to the media that they were living together and it was not true.

More than 20 years after that relationship between Ríos and the Colombian interpreter, the Puerto Rican recalled that time during his participation in The House of Celebrities 2, a reality show in which he is “locked up” as part of a dynamic with other celebrities. .

In a chat with the Spanish dancer, Toni Costa, Osvaldo Ríos revealed that Shakira and he had plans to get married and that even her parents were aware of it.

“We had already seen the house,” he stressed. However, Niurka Marcos, who is also part of the group of confined celebrities, assured that she did not believe anything.

“He had to fly, it was the best thing that happened to him, not to continue with me,” he added after highlighting the love he has always had for him. After her breakup, she started dating Antonio de la Rúa.

Shakira has said that the song Tú was composed for Osvaldo Ríos. At that time, it also transpired that although he assured that he “had behaved with her like a prince”, the reason why the interpreter left him was because he was sometimes very aggressive.

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